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Home and Away Spoilers – Ari faces a medical emergency in prison

For the second time this season, Mia goes into overdrive after hearing bad news about Ari, while Theo reveals details about his tragic history…

Ari Parata and Mia Anderson’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) lives have been shattered after the death of Matthew Montgomery a few weeks ago (James Sweeny).

The days leading up to the wedding were the happiest the couple had been in a long time. When Mia was ultimately compelled to tell Chloe (Sam Barrett) the truth about her father, Ari arranged a special family gathering in the back garden and proposed to Mia, their concerns about Matthew appearing alleviated.

Matthew stepped up in Summer Bay and demanded answers from Chloe, who had cut him off, bringing their engagement fever to a halt. Angry at him, Chloe whacked him in the head with a rock, killing him instantly.

As soon as Mia was found speeding away with Matthew’s body, Ari stepped up and assumed responsibility for Matthew’s death, in order to protect her daughter. After pleading guilty to murder, Ari was sentenced to detention in prison without bail, where he has remained since.

“Ari can’t stand the thought of Mia and Chloe going to prison for this tragic accident and in the end, can’t figure out a way where it ends well for his love and his stepdaughter,” Rob explained to TV Week.

“Ultimately, he decides to take the fall because he knows he can handle it.”

Given Ari’s prior criminal history, Mia is adamant about the wedding going forward despite the fact that he faces the possibility of life in jail.

Mia had practically abandoned Ari after he was sent to prison for armed robbery when Chloe was just 9 years old. Having learned that they can have a prison wedding, Mia has begun making plans for the nuptials. She wants to show to Ari that she will remain by him this time around.

In the meantime, Mia receives word that Ari has been transported to the hospital because of acute stomach discomfort. However, when Ari’s condition worsens, Dr Logan (Harley Bonner) runs further tests and realizes that something far more severe is going on.

Logan discusses Ari’s diagnosis to Mia while they wait for additional testing, but she has a sneaking suspicion that he is not telling her the whole truth about how serious Ari’s situation is.

In the wake of this, Mia resolves to get married in the hospital right away! Last week, Mia said that she’s already purchased her wedding dress, so it’s simply a matter of arranging everything in the remaining time.

A day after Tane and Nikau bring in a suit for Ari, they tell him that he needs him to pose for family photos. Ari agrees but is surprised when Mia shows up in her wedding dress with Chloe as her bridesmaid on the ward. An emotional Ari accepts Mia’s proposal right now, as she asks him if he’ll marry her.

Logan has conflicting feelings about the lovely moment between the two, but how long will it last?

What is Theo’s secret?

There’s anxiety for Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) in Summer Bay this week following his court appearance last week.

As a result of Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) ordeal with Theo and Ryder’s (Ray Meagher) disastrous challenge, Alf (Ray Meagher) was determined to hold Theo accountable.

Despite the fact that Ryder had proposed the challenge and that no criminal activity had taken place, Alf was unable to look past Theo as the source of the problem. Then he realized that if he reported him to the police for taking the surf club’s ATV for a joyride, he could make him pay for another of his misdeeds.

Even though he was spared jail time, Theo was furious with Alf, accusing him of trying to shift the blame for his own misdeeds onto him.

As time passed, Alf realized that Theo was correct and that he had been feeling guilty for not realizing how desperate Ryder was for money to pay back his obligations. New chapters seemed to be beginning when Alf finally apologized to Theo and Justin (James Stewart) for how he’d been treating them.

But this week, it becomes evident that Theo’s ordeal has unearthed something deeper with him, as a recent advertisement has shown.

That’s why Theo was so determined to keep his parents and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) in the dark about what had happened.

A phone call from Theo’s father Dimitri (Salvatore Coco) freaks him out since he’s worried he’s learned about the court appearance.

“Please tell me dad hasn’t seen it,” he says down the phone, and when John (Shane Withington) then bumps into him, he can see that something is very wrong… Theo is scared.

As a result of Theo’s decision to tell John about his prior trauma, John feels compelled to call the police.

But Theo asks him to promise that he won’t say anything to anyone.

When Theo begins to avoid Justin because he is afraid that John will betray his trust, Justin realizes that something is wrong with him.

Afterward, the promo depicts Theo hunched over in the bathroom, unable to hold his composure.

What dark secret is Theo hiding?


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