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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos to face big backlash after Ryder Jackson burial stunt

Theo Poulos’ newest stunt with Ryder Jackson has stunned Summer Bay’s residents, and he’ll face the largest backlash yet on UK television next week.

As his online video pranks go too far, Theo (Matt Evans) will find himself in much more difficult than he’s already had since entering the Bay.

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has agreed to be buried alive in a coffin for the amusement of their internet followers, who will watch the entire event via a livestream in upcoming episodes of Channel 5.

When Theo breaks his pledge to remain next to the grave for the whole five-hour challenge, the strategy goes horribly wrong.

To fetch some lunch, Theo leaves Ryder behind and has a terrible accident on his way back. Nobody in the Bay knows where Theo is, so if he falls unconscious, it may be disastrous for Ryder.

Even when Theo regains consciousness, his ankle is bleeding and stuck in a trap.

There’s no way he can aid Ryder or raise the alarm because his phone is likewise out of reach.

Aiming to be out of the coffin in five hours, Ryder makes one last attempt before being suffocated by dirt.

The next day, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher), Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker), and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) discuss what happened the night before when Ryder and Theo didn’t show up for dinner.

Roo and Justin are terrified to discover the boys’ video channel and the burial challenge. With the help of Justin, Roo recognizes the location of the bodies and rushes to find them.

When Roo and Justin arrive, they find Theo still confined and bleeding, but he takes them to the burial location so that they can save Ryder first.

Within seconds, Roo and Justin have managed to open the coffin’s lid and discover an unconscious Ryder inside.

While Ryder’s condition remains uncertain, Roo scolds a distraught Theo at the hospital.

Alf approaches Theo as well, accusing him of being the culprit. In response to Alf and Roo’s questions, Justin argues that Ryder was not buried against his consent as evidenced by the video challenge footage he showed them.

As soon as Ryder regains consciousness, everyone is relieved. Theo apologizes for abandoning him, and Ryder accepts his apology.

Once their relationship is repaired, an enraged Alf shows up and tells Theo that he must avoid his grandchild at all costs.

The fallout from this incident appears to be far from ended, with the lads now forbidden from seeing each other and hostility seething in their families.


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