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Neighbours’ Freya Wozniak held hostage as Gareth is finally found

Freya Wozniak, from Neighbours, is kidnapped by her long-lost boyfriend Gareth Bateman, who makes a spectacular return.

Freya (Phoebe Roberts) has been searching for Gareth (Jack Pearson) ever since she arrived in Erinsborough, where he purportedly went into hiding to avoid corrupt cops.

A lead on Gareth’s location has been provided by Levi Canning (Richie Morris), and Ned Willis (Ben Hall) promises to look into it.

They stake out the location with Ned and Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan).

There’s a tense exchange when they find Gareth, who insists on telling them what happened.

On their journey back to Erinsborough, Ned and Harlow meet up with a group of Ramsay Street residents (including Levi and Freya) who are heading to River Bend for a weekend break. That Gareth informed them he was on the run from Freya, and not crooked cops, is what they tell Levi. Apparently, he believes Freya to be a stalker as well.

The journey to River Bend leaves Levi shaken and full of questions.

Ned and Harlow keep an eye on Freya during the getaway, which causes her to become suspicious.

In the end, Levi and Freya have a tense exchange in which Levi reveals to her what he’s discovered about Gareth. It’s not hard to see why Freya would be outraged by Gareth’s charges of stalking. After that, she hurries away in a rage.

Gareth, armed with a rifle, confronts Levi in the aftermath of their argument…

Gunshots may be heard, prompting the remainder of the gang to become unsure of what is happening. Freya is taken aback when she runs across Gareth again while desperately searching for Levi. She discovers Levi’s body and is kidnapped by Gareth as a result.

Gareth’s next move puts lives in jeopardy. What happened to Gareth, and will anyone else be able to tell the truth?

Pictures show us what’s going to happen next. After being shot in the arm, Levi looks to have survived, and Gareth makes his escape by enlisting Freya’s help in driving a vehicle.

Freya’s rescuer, Aaron, is also spotted in the van. Neither of them seem to be able to get away from Gareth.


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