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Neighbours spoilers: Zara exits over school fire blame?

Despite her repeated claims of innocence, Zara (Freya Van Dyke) is accused of starting the school fire that endangers Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) and Hendrix (Benny Turland) in Neighbours.

And the repercussions might be dire.

When the entire school is engulfed in flames and Zara emerges as the clear culprit, the suspicion falls squarely on her shoulders. She was already implicated in the previous school fire and in an attempt to snag Mackenzie’s boyfriend.

When Hendrix is forced to break into the burning building to save Mackenzie, the situation turns dire. Mackenzie is in critical condition and on the verge of passing away.

It’s now up to Zara to face arson charges after escaping with her life. While facing charges and possible jail time, she is doing everything in her power to clear her name.

She somehow makes things 10 times worse while defending herself. People, especially in this instance, want to see her punished for her bad behavior. What’s more, she knows who’s behind it, but will they step forward to clear her name?

Zara begs Sadie to tell the truth, but Aubrey tells her to be silent. Are we going to see Zara go to prison for something she didn’t do?

Zara decides to take serious action after realizing she is losing the battle. Zara writes in a note written to Amy and Toadie that she believes they would be better off without her, and the discovery of this note fills them with dread.

To save Zara from herself, they instantly form a search team made up of residents and police officers. But will they be able to find her in time?


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