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Home and Away’s Ari Parata to make a major sacrifice after shock death

In dramatic moments on UK screens next week, Ari Parata of Home and Away resolves to risk his own future.

When Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) learns that his partner Mia Anderson and her daughter Chloe are in serious trouble, he must make a difficult decision.

In upcoming Channel 5 scenes, Chloe (Sam Barrett) hits her father Matthew Montgomery in the head with a brick after he aggressively snatches Mia outside the Parata mansion in a horrific fight.

When Mia realizes Matthew (James Sweeny) has died as a result of the punch to the head, she places his body in the boot of the family car and drives away with it, intending to conceal the murder.

When police officer Cash Newman notices Mia (Anna Samson) behaving abnormally, it leads to a high-speed chase.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) calls for backup, and the other police cars stop Mia from fleeing.

When Mia is forced to come to a halt, she finally confronts Cash, who is taken aback when she reveals that she is the difficult driver.

When Cash investigates the boot and discovers Matthew’s body inside, everything becomes evident.

Cash is forced to arrest Mia on suspicion of murder after she refuses to answer any questions about what transpired.

Ari arrives at the station later, just as Mia is being interrogated.

Cash feels sympathetic to Ari’s plight and reluctantly lets him to talk with Mia for a few minutes before continuing the interrogation.

Ari is determined that Mia and Chloe cannot be held responsible for Matthew’s murder, so he requests a private meeting with Cash.

If the police pledge to let Mia go, Ari vows to inform them exactly who murdered Matthew.

Mia is taken aback when Cash informs her that she is free to depart.

Ari has made a false confession to the crime and is willing to return to prison in order to keep Mia and Chloe safe.

Mia is unhappy and says that Ari cannot be blamed for her and Chloe’s misfortunes. Ari, on the other hand, is unable to be persuaded to change his mind, and he is arrested.


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