Home and Away spoilers; Is Mia Anderson heading for a BREAKDOWN

    After the loss of her lover, Ari Parata, on Home and Away, Mia Anderson (played by Anna Samson) has been secretly battling to get back on track.

    The fact that the rest of the Parata family appears to be going on with their lives doesn’t help matters.

    Mia and her troublesome daughter, Chloe, have also had a falling out (Sam Barrett).

    However, Mia‘s friends and family are beginning to think that it’s all becoming too much for her.

    She’s exhausted emotionally and irritated at her inability to assist Chloe to cope with her loss of Ari.

    Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), who has had her own mental collapse, warns Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) to pay greater attention to Mia.

    Felicity recognizes the signs of a breakdown and believes Mia may require expert assistance.

    Has Tane, on the other hand, been ignoring the warning signs, and now it’s too late?

    When he receives an EMERGENCY phone call, he fears the worse… The gym leader, Mia, has thrown everyone out of the gym and locked herself in the office…

    Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) and Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) are arranging a romantic weekend vacation.

    The intentions, however, are sidetracked when Jasmine’s long-lost sister, Rose (Kirsty Marillier), contacts her to arrange a meeting.

    So far, Jasmine and Rose haven’t exactly clicked.

    Cash begs Jasmine to give Rose and Xander (Luke Van Os), her newfound siblings, another chance.

    So Jasmine goes all out at the Beach House to prepare an amazing lunch for them all.

    Rose tries to mend the schism between them.

    Is Jasmine ready to forgive Xander and Rose for having such a good relationship with her father, who abandoned her as a child?

    Will Jasmine’s bitterness and envy mean that Xander, Rose, and her have no future?

    With so much tension swirling around the Parata household right now, Felicity resolves to keep things light for Tane.

    When Felicity’s brother, Cash, reminds her of how she used to be adept at sneaking away at all hours, she comes up with a SEXY surprise that will make Tane grin!

    However, when SOMEONE unexpectedly interrupts their nighttime rendezvous, things don’t exactly go as planned…

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