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Home and Away Spoilers – Karen meets her grandson as Jai returns

Karen finally meets her grandchild next week on Home and Away in the UK, before Dean tries to play matchmaker for her and Brett…

Last week, family secrets were exposed to both Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) and his mother Karen (Georgia Adamson), with Karen revealing that she was on the run from a guy who wanted to marry her and Dean having to accept that he had a child.

Karen showed up unexpectedly after Dean went looking for her after receiving word from Karen’s neighbor that she’d gone missing. Karen burst into the surf club several days later, enraged by Dean’s continuous attempts to call her and his asking about everyone she knew.

When Karen received a mysterious phone call, the cause for her disappearance became clear. Dean was concerned about what her mother had gotten herself into when she told the caller to leave her alone—until she revealed that the caller was Brett (Aaron Glenane), her year-long boyfriend, who had proposed to her.

Karen asked to remain at the farmhouse before Dean and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) realized she’d see all of her grandson Jai’s (River Jarvis) stuff.

Because of her memories of Karen’s mood swings during their Mangrove River days, Jai’s mother Amber (Maddy Jevic) had prevented Dean from allowing Karen to be a part of Jai’s life. Despite the fact that Karen is now on medication for her schizoaffective disease, Amber gave Dean an ultimatum: either Karen stay out of Jai’s life or Dean would lose all contact with Jai. As a result, Dean was obliged to conceal his son’s existence.

Karen discovered Jai’s presence after finding a photo that had dropped on the floor, despite Dean and Ziggy clearing all of Jai’s possessions in time. Instead of kicking off, Karen reconciled herself to the fact that Amber was correct—Jai and Brett would be better off without her in their lives.

Dean is concerned about his mother’s reaction this week, and much more so the next morning when he discovers she has already left the house before breakfast. Karen approaches John (Shane Withington) outside the diner, and when he invites her in, she questions him about Jai and Amber.

John explains that Dean battled hard to allow Karen to be a part of Jai’s life, and Karen feels bad that Dean has to defend her all the time.

Karen later pleads with Dean to see Jai one last time. Dean’s heartbreaks, but he can’t risk it. Karen is aware of the situation and promises not to make things difficult for him.

Dean, on the other hand, has a plan, and later that day, Ziggy takes Karen to the beach, where she has a front-row seat to watch Dean and Jai play together.

“Oh, he’s gorgeous!” Karen cries, scarcely able to contain herself as she gazes at her grandson for the first time.

Dean’s pride at seeing his mother watching from afar is too much for him, and he promptly makes a call…

When John drives up in the surf club’s ATV and tells Karen to get on, she’s taken aback. He’s taking her to see her grandson!

Dean passes the ball to Karen as she approaches, and John introduces her to Jai as his girlfriend.

Jai asks if she wants to play, and the two sprint down the beach while Dean, Ziggy, and John marvel at the sweet scene.

Dean moves on to Karen’s love life now that he’s conquered one hurdle…

With Karen still unwilling to give a legitimate explanation for not being able to marry Brett, Dean decides to log into her phone and contact Brett directly.

Dean and Ziggy pull Karen to the surf club the next day, where Brett steps in. Karen is enraged, and in a desperate attempt to show that she’s moved on from Brett, she kisses John!

Needless to say, John, Dean, and Ziggy are all taken aback, but Brett barely blinks—he sees straight through Karen!

Karen storms out, berating Dean for inviting Brett to the bay in the first place. She tells Brett yet again that she does not want to marry him, but Brett is unconvinced.

Before leaving, he informs Karen that he’ll be waiting for her to stop freaking out and that he’ll be waiting to hear from her.

Will Karen ever allow herself to be happy? Dean can’t understand why Karen won’t give Brett a chance, given that he appears to be the perfect guy—will Karen ever allow herself to be happy?

Meanwhile, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Tane’s camping excursion comes to an end as Nik finally masters the taiaha.

Tane had taken Nik away as he struggled to cope with Ari’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) imprisonment, to the point that he was considering leaving Summer Bay entirely.

Tane gifted Nik with his late father’s taiaha—a Mori weapon—believing that mastering the skill would give him the warrior power he needed by linking him to his ancestors, and that learning it would help him get out of his melancholy.

Despite the fact that Nik initially struggled, he persevered, and Tane is overjoyed when he realizes Nik has cracked it.

Tane informs Nik that his father, Mikaere, would be proud of him and hands him the taiaha, which he has earned. They may now return home and deal with the upcoming events.

Back in the bay, Chloe (Sam Barrett) is still dealing with her guilt over Ari, who she believes is the reason he’s there in the first place.

Mia (Anna Samson), Ari’s mother, has been busy planning her wedding, with the goal of marrying Ari in prison. However, Chloe is becoming upset with Mia for continuing as if nothing has occurred while keeping her sadness hidden from everyone.

Chloe tried to express herself in her diary, but when Mia saw it last week, she realized it would be evidence of what had truly happened to Matthew, so the two burned it.

Despite Mia’s claims that Chloe can talk to her, Chloe continues to ignore Mia. Mia can’t expect to count on her for support because she’s the reason she’s in so much misery.

Mia reaches out to Bella as a final resort (Courtney Miller). Outside of the family, she is the only one who knows what happened.

Bella hesitates when she tells Mia that she and Chloe aren’t really friends, but Mia urges her to tell her because there’s no one else she can turn to!

Will Bella be able to provide Chloe with the support she requires?


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