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Neighbours reveals Paul Robinson’s return storyline after trip away

The plot surrounding Paul Robinson’s return to Neighbours has been revealed following his vacation away.

After a brief time in the hospital, Paul (Stefan Dennis) had gone to stay with Scott and Charlene. This was due to his son Leo’s insistence that he needed a vacation from work.

Leo’s visit with fashion magnate Montana Marcel to assist Terese and Chloe with their Fashion Week tender ends with Marcel making an indecent suggestion.

She’ll let Lassiters host her Fashion Week if he agrees to stay with her for the night. Leo, torn, asks for some time to ponder and seeks guidance from Glen.

When Leo returns to Montana with his response, Glen tells Terese and Chloe the truth on his behalf. Terese is shocked by the abrupt turn of events and refuses to let Leo go through with it – just as she learns that they have won the tender.

When Chloe and Terese later find it difficult to get their Fashion Week ideas across the line with Montana, Chloe advises they resort to Leo once more.

Terese unwillingly makes the request, knowing about Montana’s ‘indecent proposition’ the week before, but not knowing that Leo has been having an affair with the designer.

It is at this point that Paul reappears. With his newly acquired calm demeanor, he surprises both Terese and Leo when he returns home. He claims he wants to stay out of Fashion Week, but Terese is suspicious, suspecting he’s planning something.

Leo and Terese are concerned about Paul’s motives when he wines and dines Montana later. While Terese believes he’s out to get her, Leo is concerned that Paul’s interest in Montana is amorous, which could lead to an awkward talk between the father and son.

Fortunately, they’re both pleasantly delighted when Paul proves them incorrect. Terese has no idea that Paul is hatching a scheme for her as well, lulling her into a false sense of security.

At the same time, Leo is beginning to suspect Montana is in charge of their sexy side gig, and he’s not happy about it.

His suspicions are confirmed later when he tries to postpone a meeting only to be told that she will not let him. As David tells him to turn it off, he begins to worry that he is in over his head.

But Montana refuses once more, leaving Leo with no idea how to deal with his problem without upsetting a key Lassiters associate.


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