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Former Neighbours star Barry Conrad reveals new role on Home and Away

Barry Conrad, who formerly starred in Neighbours, has shifted to Home and Away.

Kane Jones, better known to Ramsay Street fans as the bad guy Kane, announced his role in an upcoming gambling plot alongside Ethan Browne’s Tane Parata and Emily Weir’s Mackenzie Booth by sharing a new poker event clip on Instagram yesterday (March 23).

“‘Closer each day. Home and away…’ Surprise!! So happy to share that I’ll be taking a trip to Summer Bay! Stay tuned for more soon ♠️@homeandaway,” he wrote.

“Woohoo [clapping hands emoji]” replied Felicity Newman actress Jacqui Purvis, while Browne also shared: “Let’s see who’s the bigger shark g [winking emoji].”

Plenty of Conrad’s followers were quick to congratulate him on this new part too, as a collection of comments read: “Yesss this is so great”, “Sick bazza! Congrats”, “Yay! So happy to see you back on our screens!” and “Good to see you will be back on our Aussie screens.”

Mackenzie’s severe financial situation has resulted in the high-stakes poker tournament in question, as she faces losing her restaurant Salt if the insurance company pulls out in the aftermath of the gas attack calamity.

She decides to organise this event with the help of Felicity in the hopes of earning some large tips from the victors (via Back to the Bay).


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