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Home and Away’s Mackenzie Booth suffers new setback as Salt crisis grows

A call with her father doesn’t go well.

Mackenzie Booth of Home and Away has faced another setback in her battle to restore her failing business.

In Australia on Thursday, Mac realized that one possible solution to Salt’s dilemma was a complete no-go.

Mac confides in her brother Dean Thompson about the restaurant’s substantial debts in this week’s shows on Channel 7.

The final straw came when Mac’s insurance company refused to pay out for the recent gas assault in Salt, claiming that it was not covered by the policy.

Dean phoned their father Rick Booth behind Mac’s back in the most recent episode of Home and Away.

Dean hoped that vicious Rick would come to Mac’s rescue in a rare act of kindness, but the reality was much different.

A frustrated Mac was quick to tell Dean how horribly the talk had gone after receiving a call from Rick.

“He wasn’t going to miss an occasion to rub my face in it, was he?” Mac explained.

“He chuckled and lectured me about giving away the Porsche and how we should have all seen it coming since I don’t understand the value of money and make rash decisions.”

“He offered to purchase Salt for a reduced price. “I told him to shove it,” I said.

After Dean and Ryder Jackson teamed up to sneak a peek at the Salt accounts, Mac made his decision.

Ryder was astounded to see such a large amount of debt. He projected that Salt would have to close its doors shortly, based on his hospitality training.

Dean has previously encouraged Mac to ask her boyfriend Logan Bennett for help, but she has refused to consider this.

Running out of options, what will Mac do next?

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