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Home and Away reveals Jasmine Delaney’s surprising reaction to death news

A big new storyline begins.

Home and Away has kicked off Jasmine Delaney’s big new storyline with some unexpected news for the popular character.

Jasmine learned on Thursday’s show in Australia that her biological father, whom she hadn’t seen since she was a youngster, had died.

As part of his police duties, Jasmine’s lover Cash Newman was responsible for informing her.

Cash came home to tell Jasmine about the incident after learning about it during his shift at the police station.

“We received a phone call from a city solicitor,” he explained. Your father, Jasmine, has passed away. It happened a few weeks ago, and they’ve been having trouble finding you.”

Cash expressed his condolences, but was taken aback when Jasmine seemed unconcerned about the news, stating that she didn’t care.

“I haven’t seen my father since he left me at the school gate when I was six years old,” Jasmine said.

“So yeah, it’s a shock, I guess. I wish I could say it had more of an impact on me, but it doesn’t.”

Despite his best efforts to accept Jasmine’s reaction to the news, Cash couldn’t help but feel that something wasn’t quite right.

Irene Roberts was alerted to the issue by Cash, who asked her to keep an eye on Jasmine to make sure she was okay.

The death announcement kicks off a new plotline for Jasmine, as she will soon be joined in Summer Bay by two long-lost relatives.

Rose and Xander, played by Kirsty Marillier and Luke Van Os, respectively, are Jasmine’s secret siblings who will be causing havoc in the Bay.

“Reeling from the discovery that her estranged father had a hidden other life, Jasmine’s world is thrown upside down as she tries to process the arrival of her newfound cousins, passing them off as scam artists,” according to a description given by the soap.

“However, when Jasmine’s boyfriend, Cash, a Summer Bay cop, does some research, it emerges that the story is true. Jasmine’s recently departed father left her not only a fortune but also two hidden siblings.

“Rose plans to start working as a police officer in the Bay Area and quickly develops feelings for a potential coworker; the only problem is that he’s dating her new half-sister.

“What brings the two mysterious strangers to Summer Bay? Will Jasmine accept Rose and Xander into her life? Or will she close the door to a family she never knew existed?”

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