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EastEnders spoilers: Big return, birth drama, sudden exit

In EastEnders, Rainie and Stuart Highway (Tanya Franks and Ricky Champ) are still at odds, but Bernie Taylor’s (Clair Norris) homecoming alters everything.

Bernie’s decision is made as she goes into labor, and the baby is born – until she learns the truth about Stuart’s cancer.

Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) is under pressure as a result of a revelation – and what will she say to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) when she sees him in prison?

Monday, March 28

Rainie-ing on Stuart’s parade

Kat comes to terms with a devastating truth.

Stuart is supposed to go to his hospital visit with Rainie and Callum, but he instead meets with Warren to buy vitamins. Callum is taken aback by this and eventually persuades Stuart to cancel the appointment for Rainie’s sake.

Rainie also inquires about Bernie’s whereabouts, concerned that she may have already given birth.

Denise overhears Chelsea discussing Jordan’s adoption with the social worker. Denise tries to persuade Chelsea to alter her mind, but she refuses.

After learning that Sheree has suffered a heart attack, Isaac considers traveling to Trinidad to assist her. Kim informs Sheree that she might be lying.

Jean continues to ignore Stacey.

Tuesday, March 29

Bern baby Bern

When the doctor says Stuart’s cancer has progressed and he will require emergency treatment, Rainie is devastated. Stuart maintains that his holistic approach is the most effective.

Bernie reappears, assuring Rainie and Stuart that she still intends to give the baby to them. She does, however, put pressure on the couple to give her the remaining funds when the kid is delivered.

When Sonia inadvertently spills the word about Stuart’s cancer, Bernie learns about it. She confronts Rainie and Stuart over not telling her, but the argument is cut short when Bernie’s waters rupture.

Denise arranges for Chelsea to watch Raymond play, but this just serves to strengthen Chelsea’s resolve to proceed with the adoption.

Kim is pleased when Pearl gets an interview for a scholarship.

Kat visits Phil in prison.

Wednesday 30 March

Go Kat

Kat is visited by the social worker, who wishes to speak with her regarding Scarlett’s final hearing.

While Bernie is in labor, Rainie deceives her by telling her that Stuart is recovering from his cancer. At the hospital, the baby boy is born, and Bernie decides to hand him over to Rainie and Stuart as arranged.

When Rainie and Bernie are alone, she explains that Stuart is refusing therapy, and she’s being honest because she doesn’t want Bernie to give them the baby based on a lie. What will Bernie’s reaction be?

To avoid having to go to school, Mack and Mia lock themselves in the house.

Howie tells Kim that he replaced Pearl’s video with a less obnoxious one. Kim isn’t pleased with the news.

Isaac confirms that he’s traveling to Trinidad to look after Sheree tomorrow.

Thursday, March 31

Pearl of wisdom

Rainie and Stuart are eagerly awaiting Bernie’s decision. Stuart meets up with Warren soon after, who tries to discourage him from seeking medical help.

Vi arrives to visit her great-grandson, but Stuart throws her off by saying she might not be able to. Vi is determined to rectify things after Rainie reveals everything to her.

Chelsea receives an unsettling letter regarding Gray. Whitney mentions Eve as someone who might be able to help Chelsea, and she agrees to move in with her.

Lola worries to Isaac that he might not return, but he assures her that he will.

The interview for Pearl’s scholarship takes place.

Mick asks for Janine’s help with planning Tina’s funeral.


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