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WATTS UP? EastEnders fans staggered as Sharon returns with glam new look – as viewers say she looks years younger

Sharon Watts stunned Eastenders fans when she returned to Albert Square looking stunning.

Several viewers speculated that she had returned appearing years younger, more blonde, tanned, and relaxed than ever before.

After a trip to the glam squad on Wednesday night, she walked right back to Albert Square

Sharon said with a smile: “I’ve been pampered, polished and plucked.”

One EastEnders fan branded the character a “skinny queen” while another wrote: “Sharon looks so beautiful today, she looks 19.”

Another tweeted: “Anyone else going to mention how Sharon is looking at the moment!”

A third said: “Can we all take a minute to appreciate how good Sharon Watts looks on #EastEnders?! Wow…”

One other viewer posted: “Honestly though Margot Robbie had popped up in the Square. But no. It’s only our pampered, polished, and plucked Sharon.”

Another referred to the actress who plays her writing: “Leticia dean is always a true icon and looks absolutely flawless as Sharon in tonight’s #EastEnders.”

The character, who initially appeared in the inaugural episode of EastEnders in 1985, is one of the show’s final surviving original characters.

Sharon, Den, and Angie Watts‘ adopted daughter is still going strong despite long periods away from our screens.

Letitia, who is 54, joined as a teenager after producers sought to cast a “bouncy, attractive, oddly vulnerable, young woman”.

She lied about her origins to gain the part because the producers only wanted actual EastEnders, so she said to be from Hackney instead of Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.


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