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Home and Away spoilers: Karen publicly kisses John in shocking scenes

Karen (Georgia Adamson) has been curiously vague about why she stopped coming to work and removed her phone since arriving in the Bay. The news that she has a grandchild soon distracts her, but her joy is short-lived when Dean (Patrick O’Connor) informs that Amber (Madeleine Jevic) has forbidden her from visiting him.

Karen doesn’t say anything in response, which surprises Dean, and he is concerned when he discovers she isn’t at home in the morning. She is, however, only going down the shore, distressed. Dean is determined to set things right and devises a strategy.

Later, while walking along the beachfront with Karen, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) notices Jai (River Jarvis) playing football with his father on the beach. When John (Shane Withington) arrives in the Polaris, Karen realizes it’s time to see her grandson. Karen is pleased, but her phone rings again after some time with Jai – Brett (Aaron Glenane) is still trying to reach her.

The next day, Dean takes extraordinary measures and reads Brett’s texts on his mother’s phone. He devises a new strategy and brings his mother to Salt for breakfast. Karen is perplexed by their haste until Brett himself appears downstairs in the Surf Club.

Karen is furious that Brett has followed her down, but Brett insists that all he wants to do is chat. Clearly, she has issues with commitment, but he isn’t about to abandon her. Karen responds that she’s moved on, much to Dean and Ziggy’s surprise, and spins around to where John is standing nearby. She then leaps to her feet and kisses him on the lips, making a huge display of it before John wraps his arm around her…


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