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Home and Away spoilers: Martha makes funeral arrangements as she gives up

Roo (Georgie Parker) and Alf (Ray Meagher) have been anxiously awaiting the news of a transplant match test, which will determine whether Roo or Kieran (Rick Donald) are able to donate a kidney to Martha (Belinda Giblin) as her health continues to deteriorate. After pestering Logan (Harley Bonner) for an update, they receive the disheartening news that Kieran is not a match – but there is no update on Roo’s results yet.

When Martha starts talking about funeral plans, Alf begins to worry how much more his wife can endure. He refuses to have such a discussion with her, but she argues that they must talk about reality. Later, when Roo notices a priest leaving Martha’s chamber, she questions her father, but Alf refuses to reveal what Martha is thinking about.

That evening, Roo spots Alf fishing and notices his dread. They agree that they must stand by each other and provide the strength Martha lacks, especially since she looks to have given up on herself.

Their decision to stay strong soon pays off, as Logan sees a visibly emotional Roo the next day in the hospital – she reveals she’s had the call she’s been waiting for and she’s a match for her mother’s kidney transplant.

Martha is looking through a coffin catalog, much to Alf’s chagrin, and talking about her funeral plans. When Roo enters the room and announces the great news, Alf continues to refuse to engage, but they are both preoccupied. While Alf is optimistic about the future, Martha appears to be torn, and Alf senses that something is wrong with his wife.

Later, after Roo has left, Martha explains to Alf that she is having trouble accepting the idea of removing an organ from her own kid – what if it causes issues for Roo in the future?

Alf tries to reason with Martha about Roo’s decision, but when he accuses her of not considering everyone, Martha becomes enraged and refuses to communicate with him any more.


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