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Home and Away spoilers: New trailer reveals huge Tane twist as evil Tex is finally caught?


As viewers are aware, Tex has only caused turmoil since arriving in Summer Bay, and Rose, who started dating the motorcycle gang leader, has had enough of his illegal behavior. As a result, she enlists Tane for a very special mission.

You can see the latest teaser for the Channel 5 soap opera below. It previews the suspenseful scenes as the police officer puts her plan into action.

In the brief film, she warns Tane that “he’s dangerous,” giving UK viewers a sneak peek at what’s to come in the Bay this fall. I’m referring to attempted murder, guns, and kidnapping. And that is all we are aware of!

Rose admits that she simply cannot ensure Tane’s safety if he decides to cooperate, despite his dedication to the cause.

Tane, though, doesn’t seem to care. “Whatever it takes!” he exclaims, and later sequences show that he actually finds himself in peril. Will Rose and Tane be able to eliminate Tex and the bikies all at once? Or will Tex be able to gain the upper

hand before everything goes wrong? That is still up in the air! In another part of the Bay, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) chooses to follow his heart and joins the band Lyrik on stage for a performance.

Is he starting a new chapter with this?

While waiting for Jasmine Delaney (Samantha Frost) to show up again, Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) becomes increasingly frustrated.

We strongly urge you to tune in throughout the coming weeks because they are not to be missed!


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