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Home and Away’s Kirby Aramoana to make a big decision over Theo Poulos romance

Can it be salvaged?

Theo Poulos and Kirby Aramoana of Home and Away appear to be approaching a turning point in their relationship as a result of the continued secrecy that threatens to separate them.Theo just started seeing his bandmate from Lyrik in Australia after splitting up with Chloe Anderson, who has permanently left the Bay.Given that the rest of Lyrik had forbade hook-ups within the group, Kirby and Theo felt under pressure to keep their romantic relationship a secret.Kirby and Theo chose to keep meeting each other in secret since they couldn’t resist the temptation, but this decision has already led to issues.

In the program that aired on Tuesday (August 30) on Channel 7 in Australia, Kirby made a bold effort to keep their traces hidden.

Kirby encouraged Theo to flirt with a different woman at Salt in order to create a distraction since he was worried that Lyrik’s guitarist Remi Carter was becoming suspicious.Kirby increased the stakes by texting Theo and asking him to kiss his admirer for Remi’s benefit while he grudgingly complied.Theo declined and told the other woman straight up that he had feelings for someone else.

Theo afterwards revealed the story to Justin Morgan and acknowledged his earlier discomfort with Kirby’s games.

Theo then went up to Kirby, implying that they had reached a fork in the road.

He clarified: “I only want to kiss one person in particular. I believed that we were all involved in this. I need you to tell me straight away if we’re not and this is all just a game to you.”

After realizing that the games and secrecy cannot continue later this week at an Australian speed, Kirby kisses Theo in front of Remi and their other bandmate Eden Fowler.

Will the gamble pay off and keep their relationship alive?


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