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Home and Away Spoilers – Theo steals the Surf Club buggy



Theo’s irresponsible behavior could cost Nikau his job as a lifeguard next week on Home and Away in the UK, as he goes it alone with his online challenges.

Theo is mooching around feeling sorry for himself after losing his partner-in-crime Ryder when we return to Summer Bay next week.

With their online video challenges, the two have built a following, but it all came to an end when Theo humiliated Ryder by disclosing that he kissed Chloe.

Despite the fact that Justin (James Stewart) believes Theo should accept Ryder’s choice to call it a day, Theo resolves to continue producing the films on his own.

His first solo attempt sees him return to one of his very first ideas, which Ryder swiftly dismissed, and rightly so. He executes his plan when he notices newly qualified lifeguard Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) inspecting the surf club’s buggies during his first-ever shift.

All it takes is fooling Nik into thinking there’s someone in peril in the water to create a temporary distraction, and Theo takes over the buggy!

When Theo’s buggy runs out of gas, he returns home to find an enraged John Palmer (Shane Withington) waiting for him — the Polaris buggy is his pride and joy, and he’s unhappy that it’s been taken for a joy ride.

When Ryder sees the two recovering the buggy, he can’t help but film them as John chastises Theo, and the video goes viral with fans who are glad to see them back together.

Theo’s solo video, on the other hand, receives far less views, prompting Ryder to realize that he and Theo must work together to succeed.

A conversation with Roo (Georgie Parker) the next day gives Ryder fuel for thinking.

With his step-grandmother Martha (Belinda Giblin) facing high medical bills if she returns home, Ryder realizes that repaying the amount he owes them would be extremely beneficial.

However, with their recent breakup, Chloe’s recent insistence that she take over the food delivery business means he has one fewer source of income to help pay it back.

Ryder recognizes that he must swallow his pride in light of this. He plans to see Theo in the diner with a proposal, seeing the films as a possible answer to his financial difficulties…

Here are the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 14th February (Episode 7701)

The consequences of not telling Chloe the truth continue to be problematic. Chloe is confronted by Ryder over her kiss with Theo. Marilyn, a sassy woman, puts Justin in his place.

Tuesday 15th February (Episode 7702)

Mia’s nightmare intensifies. Is there more to Felicity’s hesitancy than meets the eye? Alf witnesses Marilyn’s transformation firsthand.

Wednesday 16th February (Episode 7703)

Cash is given an ultimatum by Felicity about attending their father’s memorial service. Marilyn finally agrees to seek therapy as a result of Alf’s sacrifice. Dean’s mental state is deteriorating.

Thursday 17th February (Episode 7704)

Alf and Roo do everything they can to help Martha. Nikau’s first day as a lifesaver goes horribly wrong. Will Theo listen to Justin’s warnings? Mackenzie gets caught in the crossfire between Dean and Logan.

Friday 18th February (Episode 7705)

Ryder must choose between his family and his pride. Theo takes responsibility for his errors. Roo and Alf have a squabble over Martha. Is Nikau able to save his job?


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