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Home and Away star reveals bizarre Covid symptom


Tammin Sursok has stated that her husband, who “nearly died” with Covid-19 a year ago, is still suffering from the virus’s severe symptoms.

The 38-year-old Australian actress, who has been married to US filmmaker Sean McEwen for ten years, took to Instagram stories to report he is still suffering from “high fevers” and “burning feet.”

“The good news is his PCR test came back negative so that’s a great sigh of relief but we’re still in a saga where we have no idea what’s going on,” she informed her 1.3 million followers after being concerned he might have the virus again.

“His fevers get really high in the middle of the night and then they sort of break in the morning. He has those weird Covid toes. If you’ve had Covid there’s like burning in your feet. No appetite, no eating but no loss of taste and smell.”

Sursok, who is married to McEwen and has two small girls, also claimed she was suffering from “PTSD” after nearly losing her husband to Covid last year.

“He had a rough [night] last night. Fevers and sweating. I think the worst part for me is like PTSD, from last year. It’s exactly this time last year,” she said.

It follows Sursok’s tearful video message from last year, in which she stated McEwen had been sick for days with a fever.

“There are so many people who are struggling and going through this, and you don’t think it’s going to be you or your family until it is. I’ve been so strong for the kids and for him for so many days,” she said.

“I think we feel ashamed to feel pain and be scared because we feel we always have to be strong all the time. We see people on social media just killin’ it and everything’s perfect, but life isn’t like that – for me, for anyone.

“It’s been a really scary time. I can’t lie to you and pretend everything’s OK when it’s not. If there could not be more of a s**tstorm … it’s now.

“Covid is real, it’s scary. I know some people just feel like they have a cold or the flu, but a lot of people don’t. My husband is really fit and healthy and … all the hospitals are full. Be safe, please, wear a mask. I’m begging you … just do it for someone else.”

Sursok, who grew up in Sydney, began her acting career in 2000 on Home And Away, where she played Dani Sutherland for four years. She had a brief music career after leaving the soap, scoring numerous Australian hit singles before relocating to the United States in 2006 to focus on her acting career.

She went on to have recurring appearances in The Young and the Restless, Hannah Montana, and Pretty Little Liars, among other shows.

Sursok and McEwen renewed their vows on the beach in December on the Gold Coast, and the actress spoke about her husband’s near-fatal struggle with Covid.

“I surprised my entire family with a 10-year vow renewal. To dear Sean, on our 10-year wedding anniversary,” Tammin captioned the post.

“We almost lost you a year ago. I remember driving down the street and my heart started breaking.

“Us together, walking through life, through better or worse, in sickness and in health. Today I vow to create more memories with you.”


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