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Tammin Sursok reveals husband Sean McEwen ‘might go to the HOSPITAL’ as his Covid symptoms continue

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Tammin Sursok declared that January “isn’t her month.”

The actress, 38, uploaded close-up footage of her swollen leg on her Instagram Stories after being stung by a hornet.

Tammin recently revealed that her 45-year-old husband Sean McEwen is still suffering from Covid symptoms a year after nearly dying from the virus and that the producer might wind up going to the hospital since he’s not feeling well.’

The former Home and Away star, dressed casually and filming from her home, gave her followers an update on her dismal January.

‘I got stung by a hornet today. So I must have p**sed someone off in January,’ she began.

‘January simply doesn’t seem to be my month, but I’m manifesting that February will be incredible because I believe that if you get it all out in January, things can only get better from here.’

The Los Angeles-based actress then showed off a close-up of her swollen leg, saying she’s trying to ‘think positive.’

After feeling sick in bed’ and mustering some energy, Tammin returned to her Instagram Stories hours later on Monday to give an update on her husband Sean’s condition.

‘So Sean’s going to the doctor right now. He might end up going to the hospital. He’s not feeling great. So [I’m] just keeping it together,’ she said.

Sean has a ‘high temperature and his feet feel like they’re burning,’ Tammin informed her Instagram followers over the weekend.

Tammin was originally concerned that her husband would become ill with the virus again, but his test came back negative.

‘The good news is that his PCR test came back negative, which is a huge relief, but we’re still in the middle of a drama where we have no idea what’s going on,’ she explained.

Tammin explained: ‘His fevers get really high in the middle of the night and then they sort of break in the morning.’

‘He’s got those strange Covid toes…’ If you’ve taken Covid, your feet will feel like they’re on fire. There is no hunger, no eating, but there is no loss of flavor or scent.’

It comes after Tammin revealed she has PTSD in a series of Instagram Stories the day before, after nearly losing Sean to the condition last year.

‘He had a rough last night. Fevers and sweating. I think the worst part for me is like PTSD, from last year. It’s exactly this time last year,’ she said in a video.

‘This time around, I’d say he’s doing a lot better.’ That’s a good thing. But it’s difficult for your brain not to take the opposite path.’

On their 10-year wedding anniversary late last year, the Neighbours actress paid homage to her husband and claimed he was on the verge of succumbing to the illness.

She wrote: ‘To dear Sean, on our 10 year wedding anniversary. We almost lost you a year ago. I remember driving down the street and my heart started breaking.

‘I don’t remember a memory without you in it. Without loving you, without us laughing or surviving or dreaming or needing each other. My memories are you.’


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