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Home and Away star Sam Barrett responds to Chloe and Ryder’s surprise split


Sam Barrett of Home and Away has spoken out about Chloe Anderson and Ryder Jackson’s shocking breakup.

In an interview with Digital Spy, the actress responded to queries about the storyline, which saw her character break up with Ryder over Theo Poulos, by saying, “It’s extremely sad.” They were a pleasant couple that shared a friendship.

“Ultimately, they just don’t work together anymore. But think it’s a really mature decision for the both of them.”

Their breakup is characterized by resentment, but will they be able to rekindle their friendship in the future?

“Well, I think it explores the truth of how relationships go sometimes which is awesome. You don’t always end up besties,” Barrett noted. “However, I think Chloe and Ryder will be able to come good and still want the best for each other yeah.”

Later in the episode, the soap star expressed her opinion on whether her character and newcomer Theo are a good match.

“I think they both are kind of each other’s equals. They always seem to be kind of on a similar footing which is a nice dynamic. You want to see people balance each other out.”

Has she given any advice to her Theo co-star Matt Evans about being the new kid on the block on Home and Away?

“I have for sure,” Barrett confirmed, “but also Matt is quite wise and knows what he’s doing. He works hard, he’s committed, and does really well for himself.”


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