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Sam Frost reveals real reason she quit Home And Away



Sam Frost has revealed why she decided to leave Home And Away.

For five years, the 32-year-old Australian reality personality turned actress played Jasmine Delaney.

Frost, on the other hand, decided to leave the Channel 7 serial last month, and it was confirmed that he will no longer be a part of the cast.

Frost reflected on her resignation from the show in a lengthy Instagram essay published on Friday, noting that it was due to mental health issues.

“I quit my dream job at Home And Away to look after my mental health,” she wrote on the mental health awareness Instagram page, Believe by Sam Frost.

“I needed to take a step back, go home, and be with my family. And most importantly take good care of my health and well-being.”

“I now spend the days with the people I love, doing the things I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because I was too busy working.”

She went on to claim that she had been a “remote friend, a distant girlfriend, a sister who couldn’t be present for important milestone occasions” for the past four and a half years.

“Now, I’m making up for a lost time. I’m prioritizing my health and my relationships.”

Frost revealed that she had nightmares about money, work, and being able to pay her mortgage.

“[But] then I remind myself the importance of putting our mental health first and taking time out to heal our mind, body & soul. The rest will fall into place.”

She concluded the post with the hashtag “healing”.

After making an uplifting comment about Australian Open winner Ash Barty and her decision to take a sabbatical from tennis some years ago, Frost explained why she was quitting the show.

After confirming she had not been vaccinated against Covid-19, Frost recorded her final sequences for the show in December.

Frost will relocate to Melbourne, according to the Daily Telegraph. The news comes after the Seven network granted employees until November to acquire Covid vaccines.

Last October, the former Bachelorette and soap star confessed that she had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus in an emotional video posted to her Instagram.

She warned that she “might be in trouble” if she revealed her vaccine stance, but she pleaded for “compassion” and “empathy” for people who have made the same decision.

Frost’s social media accounts were briefly locked down as a result of the response. For several days, her name was the most popular in Australia.

Frost has since announced that she will get the vaccine but will not be fully vaccinated until February.

But a matter of weeks later she quit the show.

In March, Frost will release Believe by Sam Frost, a self-help book addressing mental wellness.


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