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Home and Away star Sam Barrett responds to shock death storyline

Chloe is facing a new nightmare.

Home and Away star Sam Barrett has spoken to Digital Spy about the shock death storyline that aired on UK screens this week.

Sam’s character Chloe Anderson, who plays Matthew Montgomery (James Sweeny) on Channel 5, recently killed her father Matthew Montgomery (James Sweeny) by attacking him with a brick.

Mia (Anna Samson), Chloe’s mother, appeared to be in peril in a terrible encounter with Matthew, and Chloe was acting in her mother’s defense.

Mia then took command of the situation by loading Matthew’s body into the trunk of the family car and driving away with it, intending to cover up the crime.

When asked if she was aware that this tale was leading to Matthew’s death, Sam told Digital Spy, “I was always aware that this story was going to Matthew’s death.” “Actually, I didn’t. When I initially read the script, I was taken aback. It was extremely shocking to me.

“Because the death scene was so intense, I was eager to experiment with all of the layers. I was genuinely curious to see how the stunts and all of that would work out in that sequence.

“Chloe, I believe, enters a state of fight or flight in the aftermath. After that, she’s just in survival mode and in a state of shock.

“Mia is now in command of the situation. They have that mother-daughter tie and are so attached with each other, I believe, because everything is happening so quickly. They’re probably doing things automatically to help each other survive.

Mia’s partner Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) is horrified to learn what has happened in next week’s episodes on Channel 5.

Ari makes a snap decision to take responsibility for Matthew’s death in order to keep Chloe and Mia out of danger.

“I think she’s digesting everything, and it’s all happening very quickly,” Sam continued on Chloe’s reaction. But I don’t believe it’s something Chloe could have imagined or desired to happen. It’s just a terrible set of circumstances.

“Chloe is grappling with what she needs to do because it’s such a horrific situation. There’s no perfect way to handle a situation this messy.”


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