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Neighbours star Takaya Honda reveals David’s reaction to shock discovery

Takaya Honda, who plays David Tanaka on Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about David Tanaka’s unexpected discovery of newcomer Dean Covey coming up next week.

David and his spouse Aaron (Matt Wilson) have recently been seen squabbling about Dean, who works as a cleaner at the Erinsborough Hospital.

David has been telling Dean (Travis Cotton) about his recent marital problems. When Aaron found out, he suspected Dean of having affections for David.

Although David has disregarded this hypothesis, he will be surprised when Dean tries to kiss him at work next week.

“It’s such a combination of feelings for David,” Takaya said of David’s reaction. He’s plainly remorseful and regretful that Aaron was correct all along about Dean’s desire for more.

“He also feels completely betrayed by Dean as well, because Dean had allowed David to feel like he was in a safe space to say whatever he wanted.

“David thought this person was just offering a friendship, when really there was an ulterior motive for Dean getting close to him.

“Ultimately there’s a huge betrayal that David has to deal with, along with the guilt that he’s feeling for Aaron as well.”

“Whether they’re loved-up or whether there’s tension, I love filming it because at the center of it, is a really powerful love,” Takaya said when asked if he preferred playing David and Aaron when they’re squabbling or when they’re in love.

“It’s always a story of ‘how will they get through this?’ rather than ‘will they survive it?’

“I think that’s a stronger story to tell and a good story to tell, showing how long-term relationships can persevere, especially on Ramsay Street, where some of the most insane and intense situations can happen!

“I love getting to explore that with Matt and figure out ways to tell these stories. We try to maintain that whether they’re mad at each other or not, the love still exists there.

“We still see the love, because when you’re mad at someone you don’t like, there’s not as much pain as when you’re mad at someone you love. Getting that pain to translate is what sells those moments.”


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