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Home and Away to introduce mystery woman for Logan story line

Logan Bennett and Mackenzie Booth’s romantic storyline will take a knock in upcoming Home and Away scenes.

We know that this week’s episodes airing in Australia depict the lovebirds approaching a new stage of their relationship, as doctor Logan chooses to move in with the bar owner despite his reservations, thanks to TV Week.

Logan, though, receives a text message the morning after they’ve enjoyed a picnic on the pier and leaves abruptly.

Mac is more than a little perplexed, and she wonders whether she’s made a mistake.

Mac actress Emily Weir noted, “Logan is very protective about his life and past, which is difficult for Mac to fully understand.” “She tries to be patient, but she often feels rejected because he refuses to open up.”

Just who the heck is this woman, and what does this mean for the future of Logan and Mac? We’ll find out soon enough…

When a strange blonde woman approaches Logan with a wide smile on her face back on the pier, a surprise for the ages unfolds.

After nearly two years of not seeing one other, viewers soon realize that she’s in Summer Bay specifically for him. A shocked Ziggy Astoni stands nearby, watching as the stranger grabs for Logan’s hand and approaches him.

What is this woman’s identity, and what does it mean for Logan and Mac’s future? Soon enough, we’ll find out…


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