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Neighbours Spoilers – Roxy breaks into Freya’s apartment


Roxy’s suspicions about Ramsay Street’s newest arrival drive her to break into Freya’s apartment in search of clues next week on Neighbours.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, February 7th, and in Australia on Tuesday, February 15th.

In next week’s episode of Neighbours, the new character Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) continues to play an important role, as we get closer to finding the truth about what brought her to Erinsborough.

Freya originally caught our attention when she was curiously pacing among the rubble of the Flamingo Bar. She ran after Levi (Richie Morris) spotted her, but she quickly returned to get a red scarf from the debris.

She explained to Levi that it was her scarf, that she’d left it there a few hours before Roxy and Kyle’s wedding celebration, and that she simply wanted it back.

However, it soon became clear that things weren’t so simple.

When Sheila (Colette Mann) set up Levi and Freya on a date, Freya took advantage of the chance to browse Levi’s phone, namely the images from Kyle’s (Chris Milligan) and Roxy’s (Zima Anderson) wedding. She came to a halt in front of a photograph of Ned (Ben Hall) and zoomed in, focusing on the red scarf he was wearing, which she said was her own.

She confronted Ned afterward and demanded to know what he was doing with the odd scarf. He admitted to finding it in the complex while inebriated and keeping it for himself. She then showed him a snapshot on her phone of a mysterious man and asked if he’d ever seen him before.

Ned informed her he’d never seen the man before, but that he’s good with faces and would remember if he had, and he questioned her about why she was curious.

“He’s my cousin,” Freya stated, before adding that they had lost communication and that she believes he is still in the region.

This week, Levi learns of this development at the Ramsay Street cricket match, but when he questions Freya about it, she appears unconcerned.

Then, in episodes showing this week (Tuesday 1st February) in the UK and next week (Tuesday 8th January) in Australia, Freya, who has been described as “the ideal mystery girl” who “keeps her cards close to her chest,” persuades Levi to take his police car for a joy ride around Erinsborough.

While they’re out, she grills him about his job as a cop, including the tactics he and his colleagues use to track down a suspect.

Is heartbreak on the horizon? It appears that she may only be using Levi for his profession and the expertise that comes with it.

Freya is left alone in the car while Levi goes off in search of takeaway food, and she spends the time playing with the police equipment.

Freya, unfortunately, is caught red-handed by Roxy, who demands to know what she’s doing with Levi’s belongings. When Roxy tells Levi what she witnessed, he is too enamored with his new love interest to care and believes Roxy is being paranoid.

Roxy, on the other hand, isn’t one to give up quickly. She plans a girl’s day out with Freya next week in the UK (Monday 7th February / Tuesday 15th February in Australia) and bombards her with questions about her life.

It doesn’t provide her with the answers she seeks; in fact, it leaves her profoundly unsatisfied. She remains convinced, though, that the newcomer is concealing something, and she will go to any length to find out what it is.

She disguises herself in a black baseball cap, black jacket, and an ever-so-subtle bright pink vest and breaks into Freya’s flat through an open window, armed with her address!

Oh Roxy, what are you doing?

Unfortunately, Roxy is caught off guard when she discovers Freya has returned home and has pounced on the intruder.

Roxy is pinned to the ground in a matter of seconds, thoroughly overwhelmed by Freya’s might.

Freya is understandably annoyed that her new love interest’s companions have broken into her apartment. She pushes Levi away, giving him the impression that he’s about to lose another potential relationship.

A few days go by, and he decides to try again, inviting her on another romantic date.

He’s already revealed his epilepsy to her, but this time he wears his heart on his sleeve and dazzles her with his candor.

Freya, on the other hand, is as enigmatic as ever, refusing to reveal herself. Is Levi setting himself up for another disaster?

Meanwhile, Roxy still hasn’t given up on her search for the truth.

She drags Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and Ned (Ben Hall) to Benalla, Freya’s hometown, some 200 kilometers distant from Ramsay Street, more convinced than ever that she’s hiding something.

They search for answers with the local residents, but the trail quickly dries up.

Will Roxy ever get to the bottom of the newcomer’s secrets?


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