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Home and Away’s Jasmine Delaney discusses a long-term future with Cash Newman

In new scenes from Home and Away, Jasmine Delaney pledges her future to Cash Newman.

Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Cash’s relationship has had its ups and downs, most recently when they couldn’t decide whether or not to live together.

Since then, a jittery Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has taken the plunge and moved in with Jasmine at Irene Roberts’ house – and talk has already turned to their relationship’s future steps.

Cash was given food for thought on Thursday’s program on Channel 7 in Australia when he observed his sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) struggling in her romance with Tane Parata.

Tane (Ethan Browne) had shocked Felicity by confessing that all he could see in his future was her.

Felicity wasn’t used to this degree of dedication and began to wonder if she was ready for a long-term relationship.

Cash didn’t want any more unexpected events to ruin his happiness with Jasmine, so he went home and offered that they talk about their future.

Pointedly, Cash told Jasmine that he was keen to know whether they were on “the same page”.

Fortunately, unlike prior crises for the pair, it appeared that this time there was nothing to be concerned about.

Jasmine asked: “You mean marriage, kids, a puppy and a big scary loan from the bank? I want those things. Do you?”

Cash quipped: “I do. Although I am more of a cat person.”

The local cop stated that he wanted to inquire since Jasmine had already been married — to her late husband Robbo – and he wasn’t sure if she’d want to do it again.

Jasmine clarified: “I wondered if those things were taken off the table for me. But that was before I met you. And then everything changed.”

The couple rejoiced at the prospect of a bright future together, but with Jasmine set to depart Summer Bay later this year, could there be heartache in store?

In April, viewers of Home and Away in the United Kingdom will be able to see these moments on Channel 5.


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