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Home and Away’s Justin and Ziggy to clash in garage storyline

In subsequent scenes, Justin Morgan and Ziggy Astoni’s friendship will be pushed to the ultimate test, as Theo Poulos’ presence at the garage pushes a wedge between the coworkers.

Since Theo (Matt Evans), Leah Patterson-nephew, Baker’s came in Summer Bay, he’s been causing havoc for a number of residents. Justin (James Stewart), Leah’s partner, has been allowing Theo to work in his garage to help her out, but the delicate situation could be about to erupt.

According to TV Week, after Theo’s dangerous burying stunt with Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) nearly ended in catastrophe, Justin continues to keep a tight check on Theo in scenes airing this week in Australia and in roughly a month in the UK.

Theo’s presence at the garage, on the other hand, has become considerably more of a problem than a benefit, as he continues to be lethargic and obnoxious at work. This irritates mechanic Ziggy (Sophie Dillman).

Justin receives an unexpected phone call from Leah, who had previously mentioned that she would be traveling abroad to visit her relatives. In actuality, Leah has traveled to the city to see Theo’s parents, and she is currently staying with them in the hopes of helping Theo and his father restore their relationship.

Unfortunately, Theo overhears the secret chat and believes his aunt has betrayed him. Theo urges Leah to return home but refuses to explain why he wants the problem to be left alone.

Leah had no idea that Theo recently told John Palmer (Shane Withington) about his relationship with his father Dimitri, revealing that Dimitri was physically violent to him while he lived with him.

Theo is irritated by Leah’s activities the next day. When he abandons his work and shouts furiously at Ziggy, his attitude causes havoc at the garage.

Justin quickly steps in to help, but Ziggy is taken aback when, rather than reprimanding Theo, he offers him an apprenticeship at the garage.

Matt, who plays Theo in the film, detailed the plot: “It’s aggravating for Ziggy because he has so many opportunities. He messed with Justin and Ziggy a lot and wasn’t really deserving of it.”

Despite Ziggy’s protests, Justin holds firm in his choice, telling her flatly that it is his business and hence his decision.

But Ziggy isn’t going down without a fight, producing a stack of CVs from female applicants and pointing out that Theo isn’t even close to being qualified for the job as these potential apprentices.

Justin and Ziggy find up in a heated argument, putting their friendship on the line in the process as they advocate for what they believe is right.

Is Theo ready to cause a massive rift between Justin and Ziggy?


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