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Home and Away’s Logan fights for Mac in 17 spoiler pictures

Your full collection of photos revealing what’s ahead on UK screens on Monday, March 28.

Karen is in high spirits, Although she’s not allowed to see her grandson Jai, Dean has arranged for him to be at the beach. This allowed Karen to watch Dean and Jai from afar, playing in the sand.

Karen’s day gets better, John approaches in the Polaris, agreeing to drive Karen to see Jai on the beach itself. Karen isn’t allowed to disclose her identity, but Dean permits her to speak to Jai.

Brett arrives in Summer Bay, Karen’s partner has turned up.

Karen isn’t happy, Dean went behind her back and made contact with Brett.

Dean defends his actions, He still can’t understand why his mum is pushing Brett away.

Dean is becoming frustrated with Karen, He fears that Karen could miss out on a happy future after the way she has treated Brett.

Karen continues to push Brett away, She lies that she’s with John now.

Logan runs into Mac at Salt, He has been staying at a motel with Neve for the past few days.

Logan is adamant that nothing romantic is going on between him and Neve, But Mac still feels that Logan is choosing another woman over her.

Mac considers a drastic decision, She knows that Neve would be in trouble if she was found in the Bay. Neve fled from the army a couple of years ago.

Mac considers calling to report Neve, Can she go through with it?

Jasmine checks in with Mac, Mac is still struggling with the Neve situation.

Cash is concerned for Mac, Earlier, Neve turned violent with Mac while experiencing a post-traumatic stress episode.

Mac and Logan talk again, Their future is hanging in the balance.

 Logan tries to reassure Mac, He insists that he’s committed to her.

Logan is left with fresh hope, He finally makes some progress with Mac.


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