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Home and Away’s Marilyn Chambers admits deceiving Roo Stewart

In Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers is in trouble as she prepares to tell Roo that she lied to her. But will Roo be able to forgive her more easily because of her noble intentions?

Roo has resumed instructing in an effort to find some direction in her life, but finding new clients has not been as simple as she had imagined.

In order to make it appear as though people were interested in her services, Marilyn decided to assist Roo by removing some of the tabs with Roo’s contact information from the Diner.

This quickly backfired, though, as no one approached Roo, and she lost her joy.

As Marilyn swiped another tab off the advertisement, Alf caught her in the act. He made it obvious that she had to confess to Roo, which Marilyn hesitantly consented to do.

In scenes that will run on Channel 5 the next week, Marilyn tries to tell Roo the truth, but it seems that Roo doesn’t take it well.

Marilyn’s interference has infuriated Roo, who claims that she feels patronized and humiliated by what she did and that she is unsure of whether she will be able to forgive her.

Happily for Marilyn, Roo quickly cools off, but her self-esteem has suffered and she now feels that she should give up on her dream of being a tutor entirely.

However, Marilyn’s optimism is misjudged by Roo when she begins to list suggestions that she believes will enable her to launch the company.

Will Roo heed Marilyn’s counsel, knowing what occurred the last time she became involved, or will she scrap her plans and look for something else?


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