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Home and Away’s Sam Frost opens up about ‘difficult’ pregnancy

FormerHome and Away star Sam Frost and Survivor’s Jordie Hansen announced their pregnancy on Sunday night through song.

While their post was full of joy, Sam has now opened up in a personal essay about how her first trimester has been ‘incredibly difficult’ for her.

The former Bachelorette published an essay titled “Before 12 weeks” on her website Believe by Sam Frost in an effort to start a discussion around mental health, social media, and pregnancy.

She told her supporters, “I have to admit, the first trimester was really challenging for me, both mentally and physically. I did not anticipate how difficult being pregnant would be on my mental health.

Before she reached 12 weeks, when the risk of miscarriage sharply decreases, the celebrity claims she told her close friends and family about her pregnancy.

“I as much as soon as I tested positive on an at-home test, I told all my close girlfriends, homosexual friends, and relatives. I couldn’t hold back my excitement.

She stated, “I am very pleased I did since as soon as the symptoms started (around six weeks), my mental health dramatically deteriorated.

The former radio anchor described the pregnancy symptoms that have troubled her, claiming that for the past two months, she has practically been “bedridden.”

Sam was “constantly throwing sick” and felt bad about having to leave work earlier than the couple had intended.

She was able to concentrate on getting healthy while Jordie took care of everything because he was there to assist her.

“I feel so different from who I once was. I was active, healthy, and full of energy before becoming pregnant. I was also usually laughing uncontrollably and eager for new experiences. All I can eat right now is bread with Vegemite. I literally sleep all day long,” she wrote.

At 15 weeks along, the celebrity claims her attention has now been drawn to other women who don’t enjoy the same ‘privileged status’ as her.

“When I was going through the worst of it, I felt so alone, so I composed this. Pregnancy is glamorised on social media. Nobody discusses the unpleasant fact, which is that for some women, the first trimester is physically and mentally taxing.

Sam goes on to clarify that she isn’t seeking “sympathy or attention.” Instead, she wants to ensure that those who are experiencing mental health problems get assistance.


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