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Is Alf leaving Summer Bay for good? Home and Away star Ray Meagher reveals all

Without Alf, what is Home and Away? Say it’s not true!

This week, after returning in a sour mood after a vacation to Merimbula, the Summer Bay legend started to consider a life away from the Bay.

Concerned, Roo decided to investigate. After discovering that Martha had remained in Merimbula, she soon learned why her dad hasn’t been himself since his return.

It has absolutely no joyful effect on [Roo],” Ray Meagher, an actor, told She wants them to reconcile and find happiness. You know, that’s the reason she originally gave the woman her kidney. in order for them to live longer, be happier together, and spend more time together.And from Roo’s perspective, her mother’s intransigence about relocating there is tearing that apart, which isn’t helping the relationship.

Alf, meanwhile, is unsure about what to do, so he begins to think about leaving the Bay and moving to Merimbula to be with Martha.

He considered the matter carefully before deciding that he would leave The Bay, Ray remarked. Naturally, Roo can’t accept it, but I feel that she is of the mindset that, in the end, she is powerless to stop him.

Although it may not be explicitly stated in the script, Ray acknowledged that Alf would miss Roo a lot if he were to move away, saying the two characters share a “big amount” of affection.

The soap opera legend continued, “I guess Alf thinks that Roo will well be down and visit on a semi-regular basis if he does move to Merimbula.” While I believe Roo would prefer that Alf stay in the bay and visit Martha on a semi-regular basis,Ray was right on the money since Roo quickly suggested that Alf spend his time between the two places, but he ultimately decides against that idea and decides to leave permanently!The next scene will feature Alf leaving. Is this really it? is the query. Has Alf Stewart left Summer Bay for good?Well, I’m not sure, Ray responded.

He’ll travel to Merimbula, and I had assumed that one of his goals there would be to attempt to return Martha to Summer Bay.

The only real possibilities are to persuade Martha to return to Summer Bay, convince Alf to permanently relocate to Merimbula, or find some kind of middle ground where they may alternate between Merimbula and Summer Bay.

The fourth option would be for Alf to return to Summer Bay, maintain these enterprises, all of those friendships, and pay frequent visits to Martha.

Alf has many people he “loves dearly” who live in the Bay, so Ray continued that he would be “devastated” to think of abandoning it permanently.

The soap star screamed, “He’s sort of like the godfather of Summer Bay!” People frequently respond, “Oh, ask Alf,” when they have a really important question.

So leaving the bay is a major thing for him, and not just for selfish reasons. He’d probably be naïve enough to believe that the bay wouldn’t function without him.


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