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Isabel Lucas joins high profile anti-vaxxer Tom Barnett for a breakfast date with friends at a bakery in Byron Bay

Isabel Lucas went on a breakfast date with a well-known anti-vaxxer.

The former Home and Away actress, 37, got up with Tom Barnett and a group of friends in Byron Bay on Sunday.

Barnett is best known for his failed bid for mayor of Byron Bay and odd conspiracy videos, including as one in which he ate raw chicken.

Isabel wore her normal bohemian look for the occasion, complete with a white lace headband around her brow.

She didn’t wear any makeup and wore her caramel locks down about her face with little accessories.

The actress wore a worn t-shirt under a red vest and seemed at ease while sniffing a bouquet of roses Tom had given her.

Tom wore a mint green jacket with a black shirt underneath for the brunch, and he had a shaved head and bushy beard.

Isabel recently stated that she is not “anti-vax,” but rather “anti-Covid-19.”

In an Instagram comment, the former Home and Away star stated that she is “pro-choice.”

‘To be transparent, I have actually been vaccinated my whole life, I’m pro-choice’ she wrote.

It comes after the star joined hundreds of anti-vaxxers at a rally to protest Australia’s Covid-19 vaccine mandates at the New South Wales-Queensland border last year.

She wore white in solidarity as directed by the event’s letter, and uploaded photographs of her fellow anti-vaxxers on her Instagram Stories.

The demonstration was part of a nationwide campaign opposing obligatory Covid-19 vaccinations for certain sectors and occupations.

Isabel made waves in 2020 after she posted dangerous anti-vaccination beliefs on Instagram in response to conspiracy theorist Pete Evans’ post.

‘Freedom of choice is every human’s right,’ she wrote in defense of the former MKR judge. ‘Vaccination is a road I don’t trust.’

Isabel has been involved in activism since 2007 when she and fellow actress Hayden Panettiere joined campaigners on surfboards to try to stop a pod of dolphins from being slaughtered in Japan.

Isabel also marched from the Jing Organics health food store in Byron Bay to the projected location of a 5G tower in a ‘peaceful’ anti-5G demonstration in 2020.

Strange conspiracy theories have been circulating on social media recently, claiming that 5G ’causes Coronavirus’ by’sucking oxygen out of your lungs.’

Medical and technological specialists have both dismissed these claims.

Anti-vaxxers frequently disseminate conspiracy theories, saying that by ‘raising’ the immune system with diet, vitamins, and sunlight, people might become immune to certain diseases.

Isabel then corrected her comments on Instagram, stating that she is concerned about “forced” vaccination rather than immunization itself.

Tom, a ‘holistic health practitioner and attitude coach,’ announced his intention to run for mayor of the well-known NSW tourist town on November 1 with the slogan lack the status quo.’

Barnett promotes eating raw chicken and claimed in a bizarre viral video at the start of the Covid pandemic last year that it was impossible to catch a virus.

The activist’s name, however, did not appear on the NSW Electoral Commission’s list of mayoral candidates.

‘If you’re not in the shire, you can still vote in spirit,’ he said on Facebook to his Facebook followers. Don’t underestimate the strength of a well-intentioned goal.

‘Remember that losers focus on winners, and winners focus on winning. All we need to do is focus on our vision and we win no matter what,’ he added.

He claims a vote for him is for ‘health, freedom and community-led leadership’.

On his platform, Barnett has been an outspoken opponent of Covid-19 vaccinations and the “germ theory,” previously stating that catching a virus through the air is impossible.

In a video, he also ate raw chicken to establish that it was safe, signing off with the phrase “think for yourself, question everything.”


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