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Johnny Ruffo’s partner reflects on 2023 in heartbreaking New Year’s post

Tahnee Sims has shared her hopes for 2024 after Johnny’s tragic death.

Following the Australian celebrity’s untimely death in November following a protracted fight with brain cancer, Johnny Ruffo’s partner Tahnee Sims wrote a devastating New Year’s post looking ahead to 2023.

Tahnee shared her aspirations for 2024 and candidly discussed the highs and lows she had over the year on Instagram on Sunday.

“Hard to describe this year in words… had some amazing highs and the lowest of lows that completely broke her, the writer wrote.

“I’m torn about the start of a new year; while one part of me is excited about the prospect of starting it without J, the other part is terrified.”

Tahnee added that it’s hard to move forward and imagine what her life will be like without Johnny after being in each other’s lives since 2013.

“Even though we knew we were on borrowed time, we still always held out hope,” she continued. “My hope now going into the new year is to be able to carry John’s zest for life through with me, cherish every moment & live life to the fullest just as he so badly wanted to.

“Here’s to 2024, please be kind.”

Tahnee included a series of photos with the post, showing her and Johnny visiting the hospital, playing hoops, and vacationing in New Zealand.

Her admirers swiftly expressed their love and well wishes in the comments section, with Home and Away’s Lynne McGranger among them with the message, “Biggest hugs darling.” I hope you’re surrounded by loved ones and want to see you again soon.

Tahnee’s heartbreaking tribute to Johnny

Tahnee farewelled Johnny at his memorial service at Balcatta Senior High School in Perth in November with an emotional eulogy she later shared on Instagram.

She opened up about their love story after meeting Johnny at just 19 in a tribute titled ‘Love – John Ruffo’.

“As two people who were both fiercely independent, focused on our own careers, and a bit in denial that we were clearly meant for each other – we used to joke that we should’ve met later in life,” she wrote.

“But on August 7th 2017, four years after we first met, it became very clear why the universe had brought us together so young. There wasn’t going to be a later life for John.”

Tahnee then went on to say how the pair prioritised their love after Johnny’s first diagnosis, taking bucket list trips, never going a day without laughter, and ending every single goodbye with ‘I love you’.

“Until we meet again John, I love you,” she concluded.


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