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Mystery surrounds unconventional marriage of Sydney ‘It couple’ Natalie Roser and Harley Bonner as she confirms they are no longer living together

With regard to her ‘unconventional first year of marriage’ to former Home and Away actor Harley Bonner, bikini model Natalie Roser has commented.

The 32-year-old stated on Monday that she was no longer residing with her spouse at their Newcastle house after rumours about their long-distance relationship circulated.

Harley, 31, relocated to Thailand immediately after their February wedding, she said to The Daily Telegraph, to pursue his studies in energy therapy and meditation.

Bikini model Natalie Roser (left) has spoken of her ‘unconventional first year of marriage’ to former Home and Away actor Harley Bonner (right)

While Natalie admits she ‘doesn’t understand’ that world, she still supports Harley as he ‘fulfills his dreams’.

“He is very joyful.” The first year of marriage has obviously been strange, she remarked.

Who am I to prevent him from doing something that he has wanted to do for so long? He is living out his dreams.

The couple tied the knot at Krinklewood Estate in the Hunter Valley on February 18 after dating for five years. Harley, 31, moved to Thailand shortly after their wedding to study energy healing

Allowing Harley to travel alone during their first year of marriage, according to Natalie, is preferable than him doing so once they have children.

She also doesn’t want to “distract” him by going to see him, thus she has no plans to do so.

We are leading our own lives, and it’s effective, she continued.

While Natalie admits she ‘doesn’t understand’ that world, she still supports Harley as he ‘fulfills his dreams’. (The couple is pictured with a friend in Double Bay on February 12)

While Harley follows his spiritual path, Natalie is busy renovating the couple’s new house in Newcastle: a four-bedroom 1980s fixer-upper (pictured) she bought at auction on May 20

Natalie is back at home on the tools while Harley, who left Home and Away in January over the show’s Covid-19 vaccine policy, pursues his spiritual journey.

She is hard at work remodelling the couple’s new Newcastle home, a four-bedroom fixer-upper she purchased on May 20 at auction.

After dating for five years, Natalie and Harley, who had resided in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, got married on February 18 at Krinklewood Estate in the Hunter Valley.

Last November, the Maxim cover girl made her engagement to the actor public.

Natalie is one of Australia’s most in-demand models


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