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Neighbours airs worrying cliffhanger for David Tanaka and Kyle Canning

As part of David Tanaka’s ongoing storyline, Neighbours has broadcast a disturbing cliffhanger.

After stepping back and allowing Gareth Bateman to die in the show’s recent River Bend episodes, David is currently in turmoil.

David’s covert troubles worsened in Wednesday’s episode, when he was forced to interrogate Sergeant Andrew Rodwell as part of the investigation into Gareth’s death.

David found it difficult to lie about the actual circumstances surrounding Gareth’s death, despite the fact that the inquiries were all routine.

Both David and Freya Wozniak have had to explain why they were unable to properly care for Gareth in his final hours.

They say that David’s first aid box was missing an airway tube, which would have assisted provide oxygen when Gareth asphyxiated, as part of their cover story.

When David decided not to treat Gareth, he threw away the tube at the scene.

Both David and Freya seemed to handle questioning well, but Kyle Canning began to suspect that they were both concealing something.

Kyle, who dislikes Freya already, became concerned when he overheard multiple shady talks between her and David.

When he realized David hadn’t notified his husband Aaron about the investigation, he feared something was wrong. After being violently attacked by Gareth in River Bend, Aaron is currently recovering in the hospital.

When Kyle expressed his concerns to David when they crossed paths at Lassiters Lake, the tension reached a head.

Kyle accused Freya of being a “bad influence” on David, who became irritated and warned Kyle to back off.

Kyle began choking on part of the food he was eating and attempted to tell David that he needed assistance.

David hesitated to treat him since he was frozen to the spot and appeared to be in shock. Will he be of assistance to Kyle?


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