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Neighbours confirms baby twist for Roxy Willis and Kyle Canning

As they prepare to leave Ramsay Street, Roxy Willis and Kyle Canning receive some unexpected baby news in next week’s UK episodes of Neighbours.

The couple is expecting to have a baby after undergoing IVF, but they have suffered two huge setbacks this week: a negative pregnancy test and the news that Kyle’s sperm was destroyed in a massive accident at the fertility clinic.

After that, Roxy speaks with her mother Gemma. Gemma discloses that she and Adam are back together before recommending that Roxy and Kyle go to Darwin.

The clinic offers Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milligan) a settlement the next week on Channel 5. Despite their grief, they accept the offer.

Later, Kyle informs a number of individuals that he and Roxy have made the life-altering choice to leave Erinsborough for a new beginning.

Roxy and Kyle are planning a permanent move to Darwin to be closer to Roxy’s parents, but not without some trouble. When the couple is offered a house in Darwin, they get into a disagreement about moving.

Roxy is taken aback when she discovers she’s pregnant while speaking with her mother Gemma.

Roxy and Kyle are overjoyed by this unexpected news, and Kyle is entirely supportive of their plan to go to Darwin.

It’s only a matter of time before they say their final goodbyes to their Erinsborough friends and family.

Colette Mann confirmed Chris Milligan and Zima Anderson’s departures last month, with their farewell scenes slated to run in the UK in mid-April.


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