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Neighbours Spoilers – Who’s threatening David and Freya?

David’s fear deepens next week on Neighbours in the UK, when he receives a second threatening note, this time referencing his family — who knows what he’s done, and what do they want?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, April 4th, and in Australia on Tuesday, April 26th.

Since his experience at River Bend, where a split-second choice not to cure Gareth (Jack Pearson) turned his life upside down and made him wonder who he is, David (Takaya Honda) has been plagued.

He and Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) drove to River Bend, wanting to work out their disagreements with their respective partners, but instead found Aaron (Matt Wilson) unconscious and bruised, having been beaten up by Freya’s (Phoebe Roberts) ex Gareth.

Gareth had been thrown through the River Bend van’s windscreen after Freya crashed it, and he was badly hurt. David attempted to rescue him at first, but when Freya informed him that it was Gareth who had attacked Aaron and taken her, he took the surprising decision not to intubate him to keep him alive.

Although David is well aware that Gareth would have died as a result of his injuries, he also understands that he signed an oath to save lives. He’s frightened that he’ll make a mistake now that the coroner’s inquest is pressuring him and Freya to explain why they didn’t intubate and why there wasn’t an airway tube, or OPA (oropharyngeal airway), in David’s first aid bag.

But it’s possible that David isn’t the one who has made a mistake. Someone knows his secret, but how did they find out?

He and Freya are terrified this week (UK: Thursday 31st March / Aus: Thursday 21st April) when they believe Dean is listening in on their talk. He interrupts them in the middle of a furious conversation regarding the River Bend events, leaving them confused of what he overheard.

Plus, Kyle (Chris Milligan) appears to have figured out what’s going on, especially after David froze and did nothing to aid him last week when he choked on an olive. He may believe Freya is totally to blame and is harassing David over something, but he is well aware of their whereabouts.

David returns to the hospital at the end of the week to find a message on his desk. “I’m aware of what you did.”

Would the threatening message be placed on David’s desk by Kyle or a grieving Dean? Is it possible that someone else has figured out their secret?

David goes to Freya early the following week (UK: Monday 4th April / Aus: Tuesday 26th April) to alert her about the note. Emma, Gareth’s ex who just accosted her at Lassiters, is looking for answers as to why they didn’t treat him well, and their confrontation may have made her suspicious.

“If anything, we did you a favor,” Freya tripped up and told Emma, implying that she and David had something to do with Gareth’s death.

David is enraged — Freya had been scared that he’d make a mistake, but it’s possible that it was her who placed their secret in peril.

David has no idea who he can trust because there are so many suspicions. He begins to feel anxious, and wonders whether someone on Ramsay Street is harassing them with inquiries.

Freya begs David to trust her that everything will be okay, but he can’t; he no longer trusts her, or anyone else for that matter!

David is still tortured with guilt for what he did next week. When he receives a second threatening note, this time mentioning his family, his anxiety grows even more.

He confronts Dean, now accusing him of being the blackmailer, but the hospital cleaner appears to be completely unaware of the situation.

Freya resolves to intervene as David’s paranoia grows. After they chose not to use the airway tube to treat Gareth, David threw it into the bush, and if the cops ever found it, their entire tale would fall apart.

She returns to River Bend with him to look for it, but they’re hunting for a needle in a haystack. Will they be fortunate?

And what are they going to do about the faceless threat in Erinsborough? Plus, with Aaron observing how strange the two are behaving, how much longer can David keep this a secret from his family?


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