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Neighbours heartbreak as David Tanaka betrays Aaron Brennan in affair twist?

NEIGHBOURS’ beloved couple David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan have hit a hurdle in their relationship of late on the Channel 5 soap and as the gravity of the situation weighs have on their mind, an affair could rip them apart.

About Neighbours, David (played by Takaya Honda) and Aaron (played by Matt Wilson) have been at odds recently because they have opposing views on taking on parental duties for their niece, Abigail Tanaka. On the Channel 5 serial, the young girl’s father, Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano), returned his daughter earlier this week, causing fresh conflicts between the married couple over whether the baby should be with his father. However, if a newbie is introduced into the mix in future scenes and they form a friendship with David, he may start to look elsewhere.

The couple attends Chloe Brennan’s (April Rose Pengilly) house party in next week’s episodes of the weekday serial drama.

After hearing she had a discussion with Leo and pushed him to take back his daughter, Aaron became enraged with his sister, so she wants to clear the air with him at the party.

It doesn’t take long for the brother and sister to reconcile, and after they do, Chloe instructs her brother to speak with his husband.

Aaron has no idea that his wife has been discussing their marital troubles with Dean, a newcomer at work (Travis Cotton).

Aaron slams Dean against a car and raises a commotion in the middle of the party when he realizes what has been going on.

After a few days, it’s evident that the couple is still at odds, with their loved ones picking up on the environment.

Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett), David’s uncle, suggests a holiday away as a possible solution.

The doctor is eager to accept his offer, but his husband is still bitter about what happened at the party and feels envious.

Aaron thinks his spouse has a crush on Dean and so he asks David to stop seeing his friend and to stop sharing their private matters with the world.

Unfortunately, after promising he wouldn’t turn to Dean, the father of one is back consoling in his colleague about his home life.

Caught in the act by Aaron and Chloe, things turn heated as David’s husband grabs the newcomer and physically restrains him.

Things are not looking good for the beloved couple at his point as it seems more and more issues are bubbling to the surface.

Could the doctor end up spending the night with Dean as the burden of being with Aaron in his current state becomes too much for him?

David has always been loyal to his husband, and the two have never been caught cheating on each other since they married.

Recent troubles, however, may have widened the chasm between them, and David may be seeking escapism in the wrong place.

With things at home not looking up, David may find himself sleeping with Dean on a daily basis as they begin an affair.

The doctor may believe he has the secret well hidden, but on Ramsay Street, things seldom remain that way for long.

Aaron could find out what has been going on behind his back before he realizes it, and this could break his heart.

David might beg forgiveness while telling his husband that instead of ignoring their problems, they should work through them.

Aaron, on the other hand, may go too far because he realizes he can no longer be married to his cheating husband.

The actor who plays David, Takaya, has spoken out on his character’s latest storyline and what this means for the beloved couple’s future.

Takaya explained his character’s thought process: “For me, the relationship between David and Dean is just one of confiding in a co-worker.

“At some point, Dean has asked David: ‘How are you today? You’re sad. There’s something wrong.’

“David has then just divulged and unleashed all of the things that have happened because he needed that open ear and that objective point of view to give him some perspective.

“David and Dean have chatted in that way. He’s just that person at work that David can talk to,” the soap star told Digital Spy.

It remains to be seen whether this could evolve to something more, as the coworkers have formed a deep friendship.

The actor also confessed that while his character makes a vow to stay away from Dean, his alter-ego is pulled to him.

This is in the sense that he requires someone to objectively assess his circumstances and provide feedback on what they observe from the outside.

But is this a sign David wants something more, not necessarily right now but sometime in the not-so-distant future?

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