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Home and Away spoilers: Ryder is trapped underground – will he survive?

Aside from eating ghost chillies, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Theo (Matt Evans) have had their fair share of hilarious challenges and disasters in recent weeks. Despite cautions from people around them, the duo wants to take their prank channel to the next level.

It doesn’t matter to the two guys that Justin (James Stewart) has warned that it could put their lives at risk.

When Ryder pays a visit to Martha (Belinda Giblin) in the hospital, he finds a flyer from a coffin manufacturer in her bedside drawer. While he is troubled by Martha’s thoughts, he is inspired by the visuals to come up with a new idea for the video channel. And he’s going to carry out the prank. Right away, he tells Theo and they set off to find their own coffin.

To begin filming, the duo later ventures into the woods to begin excavating a hole underground. They’re back, and Ryder is about to be buried alive for the fifth time in as many days! In the event of a crisis, Theo will remain on the scene. Theo then goes about the process of re-filling the hole where Ryder had made a temporary home for himself. Then the hands of time begin to move.

As soon as an hour has passed, Theo decides to head back into the Bay for a meal because the hole has become tedious. He proceeds to open his packed lunch six feet beneath and discovers that Theo had stuffed it with chiles for fun. Ryder is not amused and realizes that he will be hungry and confined for the next few hours.

Theo does not respond to Ryder’s attempts to contact him. Theo eventually comes to his senses and reveals that he is in the Diner. Ryder is enraged, but Theo urges him to calm down because he’s returning soon. When Ryder hears Theo’s screams and the phone connection goes dead, he continues to trek back to the area in the bush.

Theo is laying unconscious at the bottom of a ravine while Ryder calls his name. Is Ryder about to be buried alive in the bowels of the earth?


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