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School fire tragedy, marriage woes, and fears: 6 big Neighbours spoilers

This week on Neighbours, three lives are at stake and marriage is hanging by a thread, and it’s all set to go down in flames.

Who will perish?

Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) and Hendrix (Ben Turland) are trapped in a blazing school fire when they find themselves in a life-and-death predicament. Their love tale could end in disaster because of Zara’s actions.

Following his most recent Hijinx, David’s (Takaya Honda) marriage may be over. Is Aaron (Matt Wilson) going to be able to keep his marriage together if he discovers that he’s become too close to his best friend Dean?

Zara (Freya Van Dyke) can’t see a way out after being blamed for the school fire. Is she going to go all out?

Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milligan) have decided to start a family despite the looming disaster. I’m a little surprised, are they ready?

And Glen (Richard Huggett) has a strange problem, but at least everyone gets a free vacation out of it.

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours

Do Mackenzie and Hendrix die in a school fire tragedy?

Hendrix can no longer hide the fact that Zara kissed him from Mackenzie. Sadie and Aubrey have plainly blown their cover, and Mackenzie is left feeling betrayed by her so-called friends Sadie and Aubrey. After the confrontation, the school is engulfed in flames, which Zara appears to dislike. Zara emerges uninjured, but Mackenzie is in a critical condition and is losing her fight for life. While trying to save her, Hendrix is consumed by the flames. Furthermore, no one has any idea they’re there. No matter how hard Hendrix tries, he will be unable to free Mackenzie on his own. Is this the end for them both?

David cheats on Aaron?

Could we be on the verge of seeing David’s marriage come to an end? How much of an issue is there between him and Aaron that could lead him to seek out the arms of another man? Conflict between Aaron and David has been stoked by the adoption of baby Abigail, which Aaron did behind David’s back in an attempt to adopt the child. This left David feeling betrayed. The only person who can put the two back together is Chloe, who must persuade her brother to atone for his actions. Despite Aaron’s initial reluctance, he eventually agrees with her and sets off to locate his other half.

Then, he discovers that David has been passing along the secrets of their marriage to Dean. Because of this, Aaron is enraged and will not take any apologies from David. He even refuses to join the rest of the neighborhood on a planned vacation. David vows to never again open himself to Dean, but as the strain on his relationship mounts, he turns to Dean for support and guidance…and counsel. Whatever Aaron said turned out to be true.

Zara at risk of ending her own life?

Hendrix and Mackenzie could be killed in the school’s raging fire ascribed to Zara. She’s got a reputation for misbehavior, and everyone knows it, but would she do something so foolish? However, while she continues to deny any wrongdoing, the situation has gotten so bad that she doesn’t have a single person on her side. However, she knows who is behind it — Sadie and Aubrey are responsible. As a result of Aubrey’s control and Sadie’s silence, Zara must bear the brunt of the blame. She decides to leave a message for Amy and Toadie saying that she thinks they’d be better off without her and that she’s exhausted. They form a search party, but things aren’t looking good.

Kyle and Roxy make baby plans

The wedding is over, and Roxy and Kyle are looking ahead to the future. They want to start a family, so why not? Roxy starts to work on her ideas right away, eager to avoid wasting any time. Terese, on the other hand, thinks it’s a little crazy. That they’re rushing into motherhood is what she tells the pair. Is there any truth to what she’s saying?

Paul and David make amends

Without the attention of Terese and David, Paul is feeling lonely and unwanted. Harlow is fed up with seeing him in such a bad mood, so she resolves to do something about it. David gets to spend some time with his father as a result of the plan. As a result of this chance encounter, Paul feels more optimistic about his father-son connection.

What’s up with Glen?

It appears that Glen isn’t too excited about winning a trip. Glen attempts to assemble a crowd in an effort to arouse interest in the event. Terese is aware of his strange behavior. However, what exactly is wrong with him?

Channel 5 will run the scenes beginning on February 28th.


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