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Home and Away to reveal Theo Poulos secret in new storyline

Theo Poulos’s past will be explored in a forthcoming plotline on Home and Away.

Since Leah Patterson’s troubled nephew joined Summer Bay last year, he has been a contentious figure, but the soap has now begun to explore a softer side to his personality.

Viewers in Australia have been given a taste of what to expect from Theo’s new plot, which has been previewed in the latest trailer.

Theo will open up to John Palmer (Shane Withington) in the Australian episodes next week, according to the preview footage.

As soon as John notices that something is off, he inquires as to what Theo is terrified of.

According to John’s advice after hearing the whole truth, you must go to the police.

To which Theo responds, “You aren’t allowed to tell anyone.”

When Theo is worried about John’s next move, he inquires: “Are you certain you won’t inform Justin? If I had known you were going to spout off, I would not have said anything.”

The trailer, on the other hand, promises: “Has anyone you know been overly confident? Confident? What if everything is a ruse?”

In the past, Matt Evans, the actor who portrays Theo, discussed this narrative as he dealt with the divided reaction to his character.

In November, he told the New Zealand website Stuff: “There are still a lot of mysteries to be solved. He’s trying to cover up some details about his connection with his father, but there’s more to the story.”

There’s a problem with him, and if he solves it he will be a completely different guy,” Matt said.


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