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Neighbours twins Christina and Caroline are unrecognisable nearly 30 years on

Christina and Caroline, the Neighbours twins, have changed dramatically since their days on the Australian serial.

When they were in their twenties, Gillian and Gayle Blakeney (now 55) portrayed identical twins in a number of television shows.

Having relocated to California, where they now live with their partners and children, the pair has also left their home country of Australia.

Gillian gave birth seven weeks after her sister Gayle, who was also pregnant at the same time.

After their two-year run on Neighbours, they briefly joined a band called The Twins.

A song named All Mixed Up was released in 1992, followed by Mad If Ya Don’t the following year as Gayle and Gillian.

Gayle’s younger sister, Gillian, has a daughter named Stella, who is nine minutes younger than Gillian.

When Gayle gave birth to her first child, a male named Jack, in 2004, she also gave birth to twins.

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Photos of the twins were taken while they celebrated their birthday.

Gillian is a co-founder of Leigh and Luca, a scarf firm with a slew of famous customers.

Gillian’s clothing are a favorite of Mary Kate Olsen and Hilary Duff, among others.

Mark, Gayle’s husband at the time, escorted her down the aisle as she married her now-husband David in a small ceremony in October of last year.

After witnessing a murder in their new neighborhood, the twins were placed under witness protection.

The girls purported to be the same person named Linda Giles because of their striking resemblance.

However, Paul Robinson, a local scoundrel, was quick to expose them.

Before they left in 1992, the brothers and sisters had their fair share of romance and drama on the soap.

As a result of her character Christina marrying Paul, Gayle remained on the show for a longer time than her sister Caroline did.

After a brief comeback in 2019, the actresses decided to put their careers on hold to devote more time to their families and companies.

In 1985, Neighbours premiered on television and included a number of actors who went on to become household names.


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