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Neighbours’ Levi Canning receives a huge shock over Freya Wozniak

Levi Canning, a police officer on Neighbours, has received some concerning information about show newbie Freya Wozniak.

Levi (Richie Morris) has spent the last three days attempting to assist Freya in locating her ex-boyfriend Gareth Bateman, who allegedly vanished following a tense episode with crooked officers.

Freya (Phoebe Roberts) arrived in Erinsborough to investigate a tip about Gareth’s whereabouts and has remained ever since.

Levi, on the other hand, was given reason to distrust what Freya has told him in Tuesday’s program on Channel 5.

Ned Willis (Ben Hall) took over the investigation of the Gareth mystery on the most recent visit to Ramsay Street. He did so since Levi was too preoccupied with his work to conduct any digging.

Ned went to a caravan park with Harlow Robinson to investigate a new lead on Gareth (Jemma Donovan).

They eventually tracked down Gareth, but had to explain themselves when they were caught secretly photographing him.

Although Ned and Harlow tried an unconvincing cover story for a short time, they ultimately concluded that honesty was the best policy and revealed how they were assisting Freya.

Gareth consented to meet with them inside his caravan, where he revealed some troubling information.

Gareth said that Freya’s story about corrupt cops was false, much to the surprise of Ned and Harlow.

Gareth went on to say that he’s hiding to escape Freya, calling her a stalker.

He elaborated: “Things were going well with us at first, then she became increasingly obsessed and controlling. She followed me around everywhere I went, interrogating me about everything. I tried to end it, but she was adamantly opposed.”

Gareth’s new girlfriend Emma McIver (Jessica Clarke) defended him, saying Freya became “unhinged” when he began dating her instead.

Back on Ramsay Street, Ned and Harlow informed Levi of the situation and advised him to avoid Freya in the future.

Ned warned: “She sounds like another Scarlett.”

Is there really any truth to Gareth’s claims? It’s no secret that there are some frightening events coming up regarding him, but is there really any truth to his claims?


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