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Neighbours star Tim Robards returning to show as Pierce Greyson

Tim Robards, who plays Pierce Greyson on Neighbours, is reprising his character in a future plot.

Last Thursday, the actor returned to the long-running soap, 18 months after filming his final scenes as Pierce.

Last week, when the cast and crew shot some unique sequences on location in Sydney, Neighbours producer Kate Kendall hinted at Tim’s return.

Kate said on Instagram as work on the Sydney sequences came to an end: “Thank you to the cast and crew of @neighbours for making today such a memorable shoot. Melbourne, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Kate tagged Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne), Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher), Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgia Stone), and Hendrix Greyson (Ben Turland) in her post.

She also mentioned Tim, throwing away the game by mentioning his comeback. Jane Allsop, who portrays Jimi Hendrix’s mother Lisa Rowsthorn, has also been named.

Pierce and Lisa’s return to Digital Spy has been confirmed by a Neighbours insider, stating that Hendrix’s parents would return as part of a major plot airing later this year.

For the time being, no further information are available, but Hendrix and his girlfriend Mackenzie are considered to be involved in a major subplot.

“We don’t comment on advanced plots,” a Neighbours spokeswoman told Digital Spy.

In 2018, Tim joined the cast of Neighbours. Due to increased travel restrictions in Australia, he had to leave the position earlier than expected in 2020, as he needed to fly back to Sydney to be with his wife before the birth of their first child.

Pierce was recast in his final weeks on television, with Don Hany playing the rich businessman.

Pierce was performed by Don once again when he reappeared in 2021.


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