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Neighbours’ Mackenzie Hargreaves makes a shocking discovery over Hendrix Greyson

After the show’s newest cliffhanger, Zara Selwyn’s secret crush on Hendrix Greyson appears to be revealed.

When Zara (Freya Van Dyke) and Hendrix started working together at the local café, she developed affections for him, and she recently surprised him by kissing him.

The troubled adolescent has also pretended to be in a secret relationship with Hendrix in order to impress her pals Sadie Rodwell (Emerald Chan) and Aubrey Laing (Etoile Little).

Despite the fact that Hendrix (Ben Turland) has made it obvious to Zara that they can only be friends, she continues to deceive her classmates.

Viewers are aware that Sadie and Aubrey are secretly conspiring to harm Zara, and they appear to have moved on to the next stage of their evil scheme.

When they’ve spotted Hendrix out and about, especially when he’s been shirtless for workout, Sadie and Aubrey have snapped several hidden photos of him. They’ve put these on a private Facebook group.

After a fantastic night of clubbing together, Hendrix’s girlfriend Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) was on a high – if a little hungover – in Monday’s cliffhanger on Channel 5.

When Mackenzie received a notification on her phone inviting her to the private “Hendrix heat” account, everything went wrong.

Sadie, Aubrey, and Zara are the other three members of the account, which is full with shirtless Hendrix images.

Mackenzie was perplexed by what she saw and asked Hendrix, “Why are there images of you on this account?”

Zara was compelled to explain herself to Hendrix and Mackenzie in the end-of-episode teaser commercial.

Zara acknowledges in the following scenes: “Hendrix was a huge influence on Sadie and Aubrey. I pretended we were a couple.”

Could Zara’s future on Ramsay Street be jeopardized by this fresh turmoil, or will her mother Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) send her away?


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