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Neighbours Spoilers – Kiri moves onto Ramsay Street

On the UK version of Neighbours, Nicolette is shocked to learn that her recent lover is due to move in with her ex — how will she cope with Kiri living on Ramsay Street?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, March 28th, and in Australia on Monday, April 18th.

It’s easy to overlook Nicolette’s (Charlotte Chimes) and Chloe’s (April Rose Pengilly) engagement.

Nicolette developed a crush on the Lassiters manager soon after arriving in Erinsborough, but because Chloe was happily married to Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards / Don Hany) at the time, nothing could ever come of it. That didn’t stop Nic from forming a fierce rivalry with Pierce and making her feelings for him crystal clear!

When Nicolette found out that Pierce was cheating on Chloe with Dipi Rebecchi (Sharon Johal), she planned for Chloe to find out the truth, causing their marriage to fall apart and eventually divorce.

Unfortunately, Chloe and Nicolette’s friendship quickly fell apart, with Chloe enraged that Nic was aware of the affair and chose not to inform her directly.

Chloe ultimately came to Nicolette for comfort when her mother Fay (Zoe Bertram) died a little over a year ago, and the two ended up kissing. Nicolette was originally concerned that Chloe’s sentiments stemmed from her sadness, but Chloe convinced her that the feelings were genuine, and the two eventually married.

Chloe’s doubts, on the other hand, didn’t take long to manifest. Chloe accepted Nicolette’s proposal hesitantly, but she was scared she was making a mistake.

When her old flame Leo (Tim Kano) returned to town, Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Pierce used him to build a gap between them, and it worked wonderfully — Chloe and Leo spent the night at the vineyard, and Chloe awakened unsure if she’d slept with him. Even when it became out that she hadn’t, Nicolette felt deceived and ended the relationship.

Despite Chloe’s numerous apologies and insistence that she truly loved Nic, she has kept her distance from her ever since.

Then Nicolette went to River Bend a few weeks ago, where she met Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson), the resort’s boss. There was an instant connection between the two, and they kissed, but their new relationship was violently interrupted when Freya’s (Phoebe Roberts) ex, Gareth, viciously assaulted Aaron (Jack Pearson).

Kiri paid a surprise visit to Erinsborough this week in the hopes of finding Nicolette.

Nicolette was overjoyed to see her, and the two of them enjoyed rekindling their friendship. Nic has no idea that Kiri is Glen’s (Richard Huggett) daughter, and Glen is afraid that if she stays around long enough, she’ll find out. So he sought to undermine the situation by telling Kiri about Nicolette’s previous misdeeds!

While he attempted to make amends by confessing to Nicolette that he was the one who had revealed Kiri’s secrets and setting up a romantic rendezvous for the two, Nicolette became enraged and pushed him into the Lassiters pond, confirming in Kiri’s mind that Nicolette wasn’t someone she wanted to date.

Jane (Annie Jones) sought to reassure Nicolette, saying that things might not have worked out anyhow. So Nic attempts to get on with her life and forget about Kiri.

However, with Kiri settling in Erinsborough in the coming weeks, it may be easier said than done.

Glen is taken aback the next week when he learns that Leo has hired Kiri as the vineyard’s new Events Manager! What are the possibilities? Now he has no choice but to work with his daughter every day, and he is scared that he will make a mistake and divulge his secret.

Chloe, on the other hand, quickly develops a bond with the newcomer. She offers Kiri a room in the house now that she’s decided to transform No. 24 into a share house and has a spare room to fill. Glen will be seeing her at work and on the street all of a sudden.

Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) notices how well Chloe and Kiri get along and wonders if there might be a love spark between them – but Chloe hasn’t even considered it; she only sees her as a friend and housemate.

Nicolette is taken aback when she learns of the unexpected development. Her ex and her most recent failed lover are preparing to share a home. What a calamity!

Kiri considers walking away until Chloe persuades her with an honest account of her relationship with Nicolette. Jane also helps Nicolette understand that Kiri’s presence on Ramsay Street may provide her with an opportunity to redeem herself in Kiri’s eyes, and Nic is instantly at ease with everything.

Of course, none of the girls realize that Glen is the one who has been most affected by the transfer. Will he have any further tricks up his sleeve to exile Kiri from the street after recently channeling his inner Paul Robinson and driving a wedge between Nic and Kiri?


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