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Neighbours spoilers: Zima Anderson discusses major Roxy and Kyle tragedy: ‘It’s heartbreaking!’

Neighbours’ Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) is overjoyed at the thought of marrying Kyle Canning and beginning a family (Chris Milligan).

The bartender has clearly deserved some joy after going through a lot in recent months, including having fears for Kyle in the aftermath of his cancer battle, as well as the couple’s tragic wedding.

Newcomer Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) also held her at knifepoint, so it’s safe to say she’s had a busy year!

‘Roxy’s sitting back, being like: “What has just happened?!”’, actress Zima Anderson told with a laugh. ‘I feel like Ramsay Street has just thrown everything at her.

‘It’s been absolutely crazy, and for that [storm] stuff to happen on her wedding, it’s like: “Really? REALLY? You can’t just let us get married and be happy, no?”. She’s in shock and ready for life to be kind to her!’

Thankfully, life has been kind to Roxy in recent weeks, as she and Kyle returned from their honeymoon more in love than ever, literally, and decided they were ready to start a family of their own before long.

‘She’s overjoyed!,’ Zima said, describing Roxy’s reaction to the prospect of becoming a mother. ‘I recall her telling me when she first went to Erinsborough, when her mother dropped her off, that she really wanted to be married and have kids.’ Her ambition had always been to be a mother.

‘She’s always wanted a family, she’s always wanted to be a good mother, and she’s always wanted to make a good family home like she did with her mother,’ says the woman.

‘Roxy is overjoyed, not only because it’s with Kyle, but also because he’s ‘the one.’ It’s lovely because they’re made for each other.’

It’s undoubtedly lovely, but given that we’re talking about a soap, one could argue that difficulties were bound to arise sooner or later.

Roxy invites the entire Ramsay Street to her pregnancy test result reveal next week. Kyle, on the other hand, is terrified that the test will come back negative, so he urges everyone not to come.

‘Roxy is quite enraged and perplexed,’ Zima explained. ‘She can’t believe the man she loves would do such a thing.’ She feels like he’s robbing her of their goal, and she’s completely taken aback. It’s incomprehensible to her!

‘I believe [Chris] Milligan and I did such a terrific job on those moments, and I’m very, very thrilled for everyone to see them because they’re really [excellent].’ I’m not claiming to be a great actress, but they felt great, and I’m excited for people to see them. I think it’ll be both heartbreaking and lovely.’

However, things take a heartbreaking turn in the aftermath of the party-that-never-was, and Roxy and Kyle’s world comes crashing down when they learn that their sole chance of having a biological child together has been ruined.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) gives assistance, determined to obtain compensation for the couple. Kyle, on the other hand, is more concerned about Roxy, who is having difficulty processing the news.

‘It brings me to tears if I think about that experience, both as an actor and for Roxy,’ added Zima, discussing the upcoming scenes. ‘I felt so honored to get to play the struggle that people and couples go through in trying to have a baby.

‘It’s so beautiful to want to have a kid with someone, but to feel like it’s been stripped away, especially when you’ve wanted it your whole life… it’s absolutely heartbreaking.’


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