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Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette finds a new love interest in Kiri

Next week on Neighbours, Nicolette and newcomer Kiri develop feelings for one other, while Paul and Terese begin divorce procedures.

Although the Erinsborough residents’ trek to River Bend next week will put at least two lives in jeopardy, it appears like there may be some good to come out of the trip.

It would be an understatement to say that Nicolette Stone has had bad luck in love.

Jane Harris’ (Annie Jones) fiery redheaded daughter had a crush on Chloe Brennan ever since they moved to Erinsborough (April-Rose Pengilly). Nicolette pursued Chloe despite the fact that she was married at the time.

After a series of ups and downs, the couple eventually found their way together and were engaged just a few months later. Their joy was short-lived, however, when Nicolette suspected her new fiancée of having an affair with Leo, a business partner and previous flame (Tim Kano).

This caused a rift in their relationship, and the two have battled to be courteous with one another since. Only recently have the two been able to put their issues aside and move on as friends.

So, when Nicolette travels to River Bend, all she wants to do is relax and unwind – something she really needs after the events of the previous year. However, in true Ramsay Street style, there appears to be drama on the horizon.

Nicolette, on the other hand, appears to be safe from the aftermath of Freya’s (Phoebe Roberts) hunt for Gareth (Jack Pearson).

Instead, Nicolette is poised to meet a new love interest in the person of Kiri Hua Durant, a new character on the show (Gemma Bird Matheson).

When the two first meet, it’s evident that Nicolette is smitten with Kiri. Nicolette enables herself to get to know Kiri, determined to kick back and relax, and it’s clear that their sentiments are mutual.

The tension builds as they share stories and get to know one another. They lean in for a kiss after becoming tangible.

It seems romance is in the air!

Gemma Bird Matheson says she’s excited for audiences to see Kiri develop as a character since joining the ensemble of Neighbours.

Gemma described Kiri as “mysteries and flirty”, as well as “morally driven and a good girl at heart”, adding that she “definitely finds herself in the middle of a lot of drama”.

The actor, who is of South African and Pacific Islander ancestry, also expressed her delight at the show’s portrayal of various cultures and groups.

I felt honoured to be part of such an iconic Australian show, but I was also excited by what this representation would mean for a lot of people – especially on such a mainstream show,” she said.

I’m a big advocate for queer people playing queer roles.

I’m excited about this representation for several reasons – I get to play myself; a queer Papua New Guinean Christian… that’s pretty monumental.

Meanwhile, as one budding new romance begins, another one is coming to a grinding halt.

The marriage of Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has been doomed for a long time. Terese hasn’t been able to look at Paul the same since she discovered his meddling in Harlow’s (Jemma Donovan) relationship with Brent (Texas Watterson) and his payoff of Jesse (Cameron Robbie).

When his half-brother Glen (Richard Huggett) came into the picture and she was split between the two, it was evident they were passed the point of no return.

When Terese’s life was on the line, Paul saved her, but it wasn’t enough to persuade her to return to him.

Naturally, Paul, being the man he is, took the accident at the Flamingo Bar in stride, seizing the opportunity to get closer to his ex-wife by feigning illness.

Although it succeeded for a short period – long enough for Terese to accept his remarriage proposal – Terese’s pleasure was shattered once more when it was revealed Paul had hired a shady doctor to falsify his test results.

Paul’s deceit was exposed and explosively revealed by his son David several weeks ago (Takaya Honda).

Since then, he’s been in hospital, battling for his life.

However, this week, Paul is dealt with another blow.

Paul has been through a divorce before. Given that he’s been through four so far, some may call him a seasoned veteran. Terese’s lawyer, on the other hand, does not appear to be willing to let him out of this one so lightly.

Paul has returned to work and is immediately nervous about Terese. The couple, who were once in love, are now in shambles as they navigate the dark waters of an eventual divorce.

Paul feels the couple is on the same page; Terese, he believes, simply wants things to be over with as soon as possible.

So naturally, when Paul gets wind that Terese’s lawyer is after his assets, he’s caught off guard.

Confronting Terese, Paul wants to know answers!


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