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Neighbours Spoilers – Who won’t survive River Bend?

The residents of Ramsay Street will go to River Bend next week on Neighbours. While one person finds love, another may perish…

When residents of Ramsay Street leave their local neighbourhood for a vacation, they have two options.

All things considered, the trip can occasionally run rather smoothly. But, more often than not, things go wrong, and someone is gravely wounded or worse…

Who can forget the 2005 Tasman expedition, or Finn’s rampage on Fire Island in 2020?

So it’s no surprise that when Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) wins a trip to River Bend this week and invites his newfound buddies along, no one questions the potential for trouble.

The getaway, which is now being attended by much of Ramsay Street, is something they can’t stop talking about as the journey away approaches. Levi (Richie Morris) and Freya, in particular (Phoebe Roberts).

The two have been on and off for weeks as they negotiate the choppy waters of Freya’s arrival in Erinsborough.

She recently disclosed her true feelings for Levi after a period of pretending to be interested in him. Freya has now disclosed that the man she was looking for – Gareth Bateman (Jack Pearson) – was actually her lover, despite her claim that she was looking for her “cousin.”

Levi was stunned after learning the truth during a pricey meal. Despite his rage, he allowed Freya to explain herself, and she stated that Gareth had been placed in witness protection after revealing some shady transactions with gangs and police corruption.

Levi put his angst aside to assist Freya in her search for her ex.

Things took a turn for the worse when Levi was kidnapped and kept hostage at gunpoint, but Levi was undeterred, and he and Freya vowed to work together to find Gareth.

Unfortunately, it appears that the couple’s happiness may be short-lived.

Levi and Freya are in a strong spot with the drama kicking off on Monday 7th March (UK)/Tuesday 22nd March (Aus). As the search intensifies, sparks are rekindling between the two – is Freya developing feelings for Levi while searching for her ex?

Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for Levi to track Gareth down.

Ned (Ben Hall) and Harlow (Jemma Donovan) conduct a stakeout in order to locate Gareth after receiving a tip from the police. They want answers now that they are face to face with the man Freya has allegedly been seeking for the greater part of six months… Gareth provides them with exactly what they’re looking for.

The only problem is that his story contradicts Freya’s. In fact, based on his version of events, they believe Freya is a stalker.

To avoid arousing suspicion, the trio embarked on their vacation with the understanding that Freya may not be who she claims to be. However, as the holiday season progresses, so does the turmoil, and Freya begins to suspect that they’re hiding something from her.

To Freya’s dismay, Levi discloses that he tracked out Gareth. She’s annoyed that he didn’t tell her the truth, but when he tells her about Gareth’s assertions, she denies everything.

Freya musters the fortitude not only to forgive Levi for concealing facts, but also to open up to him about how she genuinely feels.

Neither of them has any idea what is hiding around the bend.

When gunshots reverberate through the woods, it’s evident that the group isn’t alone.

Gareth has tracked them down to their vacation spot, and it appears that our favorite Ramsay Street inhabitants’ lives are in severe danger.

Gareth begins his reign of terror over those attempting to enjoy their holiday by kidnapping Freya.

Who will come to Freya’s rescue?

It appears that Levi, who is completely unprepared, will not be the knight in shining armor.

Levi tackles the perilous river in a kayak while the woman he’s slowly falling in love with all over again is being held at gunpoint.

Despite his valiant efforts to keep afloat, the water becomes too much for him, and his kayak falls over, plunging him into the murky waters below.

Are we about to say goodbye to another favourite?

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, if not months, for the once happy couple.

Putting aside the difficulties that surrounded their niece Abigail (Mary Finn) upon her birth, the pair has been at odds since Abigail was placed in their care.

David found himself confiding in a colleague, Dean, as Aaron became closer to Abigail.

David puts himself in an awkward situation next week, despite Aaron’s repeated warnings and this week’s heated showdown.

David believes it is the correct thing to do to ask Dean to quit interfering in his marriage now that their friendship is blossoming and they are growing closer. Will a surprise kiss strengthen their bond, or will it serve as a wake-up call for David?

Or will the events at River Bend change their lives forever?

Aaron appears to be the one who comes across Freya, who is being held captive by Gareth. As Gareth rushes to fix the tyre before fleeing, she gets cable tied to the steering wheel of a vehicle.

Aaron tells Freya to keep quiet, hoping to save her, then sneaks around the side of the truck, intending to lunge at Gareth with a screwdriver. Unfortunately, Gareth notices him and overwhelms him right away.

Wielding a tyre wrench, Gareth brutally attacks Aaron.

Aaron is left battered and unconscious on the side of the road. Will he survive?


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